Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'd like to Welcome you all To Join Prim Doll Studio

I did not create these awesome dolls...
The first is a original vintage from eBay..the second is from Annie Beez..
I'd like to Welcome you all...to to the Prim Doll Studio!
Above doll created by :Annie Beez Folk Art

Prim Doll Studio is about
Prim , Folk Art , Yesteryear, Whimsy,PinKeeps,Aprons and more!

Monthly:We will have
Featured Artist
Prim Doll Studio Artistry Gazette
Book and Magazine reviews

*Challenges which will be announced*

My goal :here at Prim Doll Studio
is to help " Preserve "the Artist's of YesterYear and Today.

To gain the recognition they deserve for their works of Art.
To save the knowledge and teach this knowledge of yesteryear and Today to all generations.
Let it never be forgotten.

Will come through you our Prim Doll Studio members:

As we all are bound together in a sister hood of thread that binds us together in love of what we all create , and in sharing and caring for other's along our own creative journeys.

Requirement's of Prim Doll Studio:

* Members are to post about their patterns, creations,

*We want you to toot your horn and let us know
what's up..Share..Ask questions , Answer questions, etc.

*Talk about about your favorite artist, Friend, Student, Patterns, Technique, Book, Magazine, online or off line,
or maybe you found a newbie artist who has inspired you.

Artists' from yesteryear..Example:Izanna Walker ,Babyland Rag Dolls,
China Heads , Maggie Bessie , Columbian,

Prim Doll Studio will be just awesome! Join us and join the fun!

Sherrie Nordgren
Prim Doll Studio Coordinator

How to Join:

Left side colum it says:
Cloth Doll Artistry Network
Click on Prim Doll Studio

Cloth Doll Artistry's Halloween Challenge

CDA is hosting it's first Halloween Challenge for ALL STUDIOS.

Create a Halloween doll, pin or craft. If you are participating in the challenge at this studio, forward one photograph to the studio's coordinator by October 24, 2009. CDA members can vote in each studio for one winner. Voting in each studio will begin October 28 -31, 2009. The winners from each studio will receive a variety of doll patterns, an exclusive class with Kat Lees, a free 3-month advertising spot, and be a featured artist on the showcase studio.

One winner will be selected from the following studios:
Cloth Doll Studio
Crafts Studio
Pin Doll Studio
Prim Doll Studio
Santa's Studio
Soft Animals Studio

That is a total of SIX WINNERS!

Have fun creating! On Your Mark, Get Set.....GO!


Fran said...

Love your blog.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Hi long time friend Fran!!So good to hear from you!I hope you will join Prim Doll Studio!!!!Hugs Sherrie