Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WONDERFUL Tutorials!

Home Grown Tomatoes pincushion Tutorial by my friend Marcel of Aunt PittyPats
it is just the sweetest be sure to stop by her blog!!

here are some absolutely fantastic tutorials.
The first are from Lettie of polkadotpineapple

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

Tutorial--Joining Fabric Yo-Yo's in Quilt Making


Handy Dandy Pincushion


Folded Fabric Hexagon Yo-Yo


Attaching a Fabric Yo-Yo By Sewing Machine


Sweetheart Suzy' Flower Pin


Fancy Facial Tissue Pocket


Heart To Heart Valentine Tufted Pin


Pretty Posie Pushpins


Ruffled Flower Money Bouquet


Here is another wonderful tutorial from Sew Mamasew
Today’s Pincushion Organizer Project

several really cool tutorials,... One Hour Craft,Crafting for the Imagination-Rich but Time-Poor

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Make your own Matroyshka Doll!

Matryoshka - nesting doll is the most famous Russian souvenir, which is popular with everyone, it is considered to be a phenomenon in the world culture. Here we represent matryoshkas made in different parts of Russia and also Russian traditional dolls which can tell you a lot about our history, customs and culture http://www.stpetersburger.com/html/matryoshkas.html
Matroyshka (pronounced "Matrushka") are Russian nesting dolls. The traditional version of these dolls are made out of wood and nest inside each other. They celebrate mamas & her babies!
Maize Hutton made her own version from felt. These are super simple to stitch up. Be creative! Add hair, beads, sequins, glitter, whatever! You can even enlarge the pattern if you wish to make your dolls bigger. http://maizehutton.blogspot.com/2007/01/matryoshka-doll-for-you.html

Matryoshka Doll Pattern

Maize Hutton has created a cute Matryoshka pattern in felt
Oh this would make an adorable PinKeep
Lauren of http://goodygoody.typepad.com
Created this sweet doll as a free pattern for us all..Thank You Lauren so much..ALL your patterns are just the sweetest!!
Go here to receieve Lauren's Matyroshka Doll pattern

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Embroidered Pocket Dolls

Hi all..I thought these Embroidered Pocket Dolls were just the sweetest!
Their a free pattern I find through CraftMagazine.com..
you will find this cute and wonderful tutorial By Lauren from GoodyGoody.typpad.com Blog
Lauren has the coolest tutorials on her blog she so kindly shares with us all.Thank You Lauren!!
Hugs Sherrie

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free pinKeep Patterns

Lots Free PinKeep patterns
Had to share this wonderful find. My friend Carla Finley of http://carlafinley.blogspot.com
had posted to a pincushion group this great site for free pinkeep patterns..Always a great gift to add along with a doll or apron or a swap your in.Or just fun to make and fun to give check thease out and Thanks bunches Carla.
Hugs Sherrie

Friday, March 20, 2009

what Iam working on

On my Presbyterian cloth doll challenge dolls
I have their faces flesh painted and sanded ready to paint the features.
Just been waiting for the right time, I am really scared
to try this new type of face. But I will do it!
At least I am happy with the chosen fabric I picked for their dresses and bonnets.
Finally finished my Raggedy Family..
Dad and Mom and 3 Girls and 1 Boy!! Just need to take some good pictures now!
Here is what all I have got going ..these 3 are ufo's
but have started working on them once again.The two large black dolls with the gorgeous faces were painted by doll artist Krista Harris, I bought them from her through her eBay auctions about 5 years agao, I am making new arms and legs for them,plus extra body parts :)
My goal on the large ones.is to give them breast's and hips and dress them as Hattie McDaniel Mammy - O'Hara House Servant from Gone with the wind Movie and Butterfly McQueen Prissy - O'Hara House Servant
The largest will be 5 ft and then 4 ft.It has been a long time dream about 3 yrs of dreaming of making them. I am want to dress them as in the American civil war.. Red Petticoat and all!
Prissy will also be dressed fine! They will be just wonderful for the Holidays and every dau through out the year.They are my forever dolls:)
The doll on your far left with the round head
My goal for him will a 1800's black child Boy.I'd love to dress him in velvet. I am working on them slowly, Only when I am in the mood.Goal is to have them all finished by this Fall.
These two cuties are new in progress Mother and Son
So I have been busy..Plus been creating two new patterns, and writing two new articles..Taking my time and not under any pressure, in fact I find it relives allot of stress!
plus making two aprons for a swap I'm in..Isn't it great to create!!
I have both their arms and legs finish ready to attach, Then hair and dress them.
adding pictures and writing about my goals really helps me stay focused.seeing and then reading,,and adding updated progress for me personally helps me allot
it puts in a second person thingy like I am a another person seeing the progress through their
eyes , and I can be critical and open minded.LOL hope this makes sense,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gift from the people of Russia

I had never heard of this before receiving this email. Why didn’t the press report it?????? It is located in Bayonne , N.J. (right across the river from the Statue of Liberty
This is the "TEAR DROP" made and installed by the Russians to honor those who died in 9 11 and a statement against terrorism. It is very impressive. The tear drop is lined up with the Statue of Liberty .
Gift from the people of Russia ......."Monument to the struggle against world terrorism, artist Zurab Tesereteii"
....it is an impressive memorial and statement against terrorism.The walkway is made of stones

Names of the persons killed on 9 11 are inscribed on the base. The base like the Vietnam Memorial wall. It was a cold and windy day but well worth the drive to see. It is down in the shipping yards across from "The Lady".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fat Cat Patterns

I have been looking and looking for tea pot and cup and saucers Appliqué
wow and double wow Fact Cat Patterns has them and their free!!

Fat Cat Patterns says:You have stumbled upon the jumbled up assortment of my quilting doodling. Each of the pictures on this site will link you to the PDF file for that appliqué pattern. The patterns are free. Just open the file and save it to your computer. My designs are simple and best suited for fusible machine appliqué. Need help with a special project? I cannot promise but I can always try, feel
You must visit!!! I use the Appliqués for my Aprons and dolls
well the use of them is high as the sky!

Friday, March 13, 2009

From:The EHAG artists



We’ve updated our blog with our first artist interview featuring John Randall York

To learn more about John, please visit our blog at:



We also have a new blog at:


This blog will give you a brief insight into who we are as artists and links to sites

where our artwork may be found.


and last but not least… please stay tuned for our next giveaway,

it starts on April 6th, the theme is…

~ Frightful Fête ~


We hope you’ll take a moment to stop by!

Thank you ~ The EHAG artists

Primitive Folk Art Doll - How to Make Miniature Doll Art

I saw this on you tube ,Found it interesting and picked up a couple new techniques

Milliande Visionary Art Bus Free Art Education Classes Online
Her blog is

How to make a Dotee Doll

Dotties created byDot she is the original maker of the Dotee Doll...: http://dotslifeandart.blogspot.com/search/label/Dotee%20Dolls
Check out flickr
I've just discovered the creative art of the Dotee Dolls , dolls are tiny, handmade cloth dolls (4 to 6 inches). They have a circular face that can be drawn with markers, embroidered or even painted. They are a stuffed doll and usually have a hanger made out of ribbon or beads, and a beaded tail (Usually no arms or legs) The stuffed doll is embellished with beads, ribbon, sequins, yarn...just about anything, This style of doll is based on the work of a blogger called Dot and has become popular amongst the SwapBot community where many crafters join to swap dotee inspired dolls.
Their just so sweet, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did,
Hugs Sherrie

See :





How to make a Dotee like doll

Dot is an artist of simplistic magnitude. Her beautiful dolls are a bright spot.
you can read about her at her blogspot


I find it so amazing..We here in Florida are going through a long drought, With just sprinkles
here and there, Yet spring is springing ..I was just amazed how this garlic plant is thriving in it's splendor and beauty.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Packing-Tape Transfer

OH MY GOSH!!! Take a look at this AWESOME Tutorial I found
Using Packing Tape Transfer and creating our own see-through transfers.!
You copy an image you like and "transfer" it onto another surface, using packing tape.
Huge Thank You To Molly!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Come Join March Apron Swap!

March theme is YOUR interpretation of what you feel March is to YOU

March theme is YOUR interpretation of what you feel March is to YOU
Booming Aprons March Apron Swap!! This is is going to be the sky is the limit Apron Swap
By making a apron for your partner that represents What "March means To You"
Does it mean:
Clouds ,Winds, Kites Flying, Cherry Blossoms, Spring Cleaning, Rebirth after a long winter, Daffodil's,Tulips,
Take YOUR meaning and create a March Apron !!

Sign Ups are Now:

March: Windy, Clouds,
Sign Ups: March 2 - 9 Mail Out Dead line :30Th
Email me : BoomingAprons@yahoo.com
Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Mailing Address:
Your Blog URL if you have one:
Your Size and you would like full or half Apron
I will assign partners March 10Th

March theme is YOUR interpretation of what you feel March is to YOU

here are some March Poems /Quotes to get you thinking!!!"For in spite of the snapdragons and the duty millers and the cherry blossoms, it was always winter."

- Janet Frame

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer
in the light, and winter in the shade."
- Charles Dickens

That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty."
- William Shakespeare

"March bustles in on windy feet
And sweeps my doorstep and my street.
She washes and cleans with pounding rains,
Scrubbing the earth of winter stains.
She shakes the grime from carpet green
Till naught but fresh new blades are seen.
Then, house in order, all neat as a pin,
She ushers gentle springtime in."
- Susan Reiner, Spring Cleaning

"Today is the day when bold kites fly,
When cumulus clouds roar across the sky.
When robins return, when children cheer,
When light rain beckons spring to appear.

Today is the day when daffodils bloom,
Which children pick to fill the room,
Today is the day when grasses green,
When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen."

March: Windy, Clouds,
Sign Ups: March 2 - 9 Mail Out Dead line :30th

New revised 2009 Hang Tags and Making Them Unique!

New revised 2009 Hang Tags and Making Them Unique!

New revised 2009 Hang Tags and Making Them Unique!

I have completely revised my Tag Making Class..and man what fun it is too!!
You will learn how to create wonderful Hang Tags and
Making Them Unique,One of a Kind Every Time.
Your Tag is your canvas , What a wonderful world this tag canvas will open up for you..Talk about getting lost in your art YOU will with Tag making, you will be working with miniature pictures,You will learn the aging process of your Tags ...
Bonus Aging technique lesson
Lots of templates for you to print out and get started right away,

Price: US$5.50

Click for details

Sunday, March 01, 2009

March 1st release of

March 1st release of Lemon Poppy Seeds

March 1st release of The Humble Arts

March 1st release of The Primitive Gathering

I have just loved Mary's dolls of ~ Raven Hares Cabin for years!
Please stop by and visit your web site.She is one extremely talented artists!

You will be drooling too
I love her dolls! Hugs Sherrie