Friday, March 20, 2009

what Iam working on

On my Presbyterian cloth doll challenge dolls
I have their faces flesh painted and sanded ready to paint the features.
Just been waiting for the right time, I am really scared
to try this new type of face. But I will do it!
At least I am happy with the chosen fabric I picked for their dresses and bonnets.
Finally finished my Raggedy Family..
Dad and Mom and 3 Girls and 1 Boy!! Just need to take some good pictures now!
Here is what all I have got going ..these 3 are ufo's
but have started working on them once again.The two large black dolls with the gorgeous faces were painted by doll artist Krista Harris, I bought them from her through her eBay auctions about 5 years agao, I am making new arms and legs for them,plus extra body parts :)
My goal on the large to give them breast's and hips and dress them as Hattie McDaniel Mammy - O'Hara House Servant from Gone with the wind Movie and Butterfly McQueen Prissy - O'Hara House Servant
The largest will be 5 ft and then 4 ft.It has been a long time dream about 3 yrs of dreaming of making them. I am want to dress them as in the American civil war.. Red Petticoat and all!
Prissy will also be dressed fine! They will be just wonderful for the Holidays and every dau through out the year.They are my forever dolls:)
The doll on your far left with the round head
My goal for him will a 1800's black child Boy.I'd love to dress him in velvet. I am working on them slowly, Only when I am in the mood.Goal is to have them all finished by this Fall.
These two cuties are new in progress Mother and Son
So I have been busy..Plus been creating two new patterns, and writing two new articles..Taking my time and not under any pressure, in fact I find it relives allot of stress!
plus making two aprons for a swap I'm in..Isn't it great to create!!
I have both their arms and legs finish ready to attach, Then hair and dress them.
adding pictures and writing about my goals really helps me stay focused.seeing and then reading,,and adding updated progress for me personally helps me allot
it puts in a second person thingy like I am a another person seeing the progress through their
eyes , and I can be critical and open minded.LOL hope this makes sense,


Carla said...

They are all so cute!!! You shouldn't be afraid to paint the Presby. You'll do fine.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Aww Thanks Carla..I haven't got the nerve up yet,,But I am always thinking about it..I will take the plunge soon

NadineC said...

Oh wow, Sherrie! These are fabulous! My favorites are the black dolls and I can't wait (guess I'll have to, though!) to see them finished - they look awesome even right now. You gots REAL TALENT lady! And I'm proud to be your friend :-)

Fran said...

I can't wait to see them all finished. They are wonderful.