Friday, February 20, 2009

My Partner:Kisses and Hearts Valentine's Day Apron Swap

Oh HUGE HaPpY DaNcE!!! Look what I received from my partner from the
Kisses and Hearts Valentine's Day Apron Swap

Purple any shade is my favorite color!

You can tell each of these goodies were hand picked by her heart.I LOVE them , I even get to be a Princess every time I use my Princess pen,Which was chosen by my partners youngest! How special is that!
Here is my *Awesome Apron* I LOVE IT!
I LOVE the fact she created this apron in colors I can wear every day,I LOVE her chosen colors.I LOVE the design of this apron I have never seen one like this..I am just so happy!

Here is the apron I created for my swap partner from
Valentine's Day Apron Swap
Kisses and Hearts at Aunt PittyPats
It is reversible.

O also made her a PinKeep/Or Ornamnet


Turtles In Alaska said...

Oh my gosh! I just emailed you back! I am so so happy it came in. What a relief. I am glad you like it.The lily apron is my most favorite pattern of all.Ü

vivian said...

what a sweet apron! looks like a sweet swap! did you post a picture of the one you sent?
have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

How fun!

NadineC said...

I love that apron! I have that pattern, but haven't made it yet - you bet I'm going to now :-)

Bethel of Bethania said...

I just love this blue apron & I've been chasing around ya'all blogs & have seen it three times now ... twice in a post the same as this & another on Turtles in Alaska's post. I would so like to know where I could buy this pattern or who the pattern maker is - being the more voluputous woman I think this style will suit me down to the grown ... hope you can help.
You all make the most beautiful aprons & I'm getting to get a bit of a fettish for them myself ... ha ha ... OOroo ... Bethel

NadineC said...

It's by Busy Bee Quilt Designs - and I'm going to send you an e-mail in a few minutes :-)