Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surfing This N That

I 'm surfing tonight just looking and drooling while my sweet hubby is watching a movie..He is in his comfy chair and I'm on the couch with the lap top..aww what quality time:)
I would just like to share my findings that I am searching for Antique doll faces... and all those goodies I find along the way you know the kind that make ya go oh my gosh!!! and you wish you could buy them all :)
I fell in-love with these buttons!!
Vintage Paper Doll Face Fabric Self Cover Buttons

This is a cool site!:Doll Reference web site, a guide to doll collecting and identifying dolls from 1800 to the 1970's, Antique to Vintage dolls, over 10,000 photo's, descriptions and markings are included. Dolls are listed by the doll manufacturer on each pagehttp://www.dollreference.com/

This gal has a great blog sharing her own collection of

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