Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ludwiga created by: Becky of Cloth N Clay

Ludwiga created by: Becky of Cloth N Clay
Oh Gosh you must stop by Becky's of Cloth n Clay and see her dolls..Their all beyond words just amazing..Her Ludwiga inspired by the Andreas Voit paper mache's of the 1800's
Ludwiga looks as though she is going to speak at any moment she is so life like.
I sit and study Becky's dolls ..every thing about them is just perfect..Look how perfect Ludwiga
head and facial features proportions are..
I just can't imagine taking a cloth head and paper mache or clay and creating a doll like this..
her ears and mouth and chin , skin tone all are just perfect.
To me this is true beauty from inside out..I sit and wonder how in the world Becky created a dimensional head..did she take a pancake doll head then build it up with clay??
ack!!! the questions I do have grr:)

I pulled out my book
have REALLY started studying it..I am just not into making armatures and creating a whole doll from clay..i would just like to create a cloth doll then use paper clay only on her head and facial features.. so far in this book it is over whelming seeing how their creating a doll using a armature and foil, styrofoam, build up. whew..
also in-between making new 2009 dolls for my lemon poppy Seed shope..
I have been searching for antique doll faces and then on
flat cloth I have been practicing with water color artists pencils drawing and shading .
Boy I am so determined..One of these days I will surprise you by sharing my dream doll that
I made!

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You don't give yourself enough credit. :p