Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stuffed a Gathering of Softies Magazine

Stuffed a Gathering of Softies Magazine
I went to JoAnns Sunday whoHoo using a couple of my Christmas JoAnns my family gave me..What a dream it was too.Not only was it a dream shopping spree but also had my trusty JoAnns coupon and man were they having a blow out sale..Even patterns for 99 cents!
I bought gorgeous fabric for a valentine Apron swap.

Kisses and Hearts Apron Swap

OOOoo I could have spent tons of money just on fabrics..But I did pace my self ..While I was there I treated my self also by buying the first issue of the new Stuffed a Gathering of Softies Magazine
I couldn't believe the price $14.99..but with JoAnns 10% on all magazine I bought it along with Soft Dolls and Animals..I have to tell you I felt like a queen for the day!

I have to tell if you LOVE softies or mix medium art
Stuffed a Gathering of Softies Magazine is the magazine..I LOVE IT!
It is a keeper..One you will use over and over again..Full of bright beautiful pictures, techniques,that you can use any medium you are in.
Loads of patterns, Inspiration galore!
The sweetest and cutest Softies ever! Awesome Artists giving their techniques and patterns just a delight to read about the personal sides of the artists .
It is a bi-monthly magazine..Also it isn't one you can sit down and read all at one time.
I have beeen reading since Sunday..there is 143 pages loaded with so much ..
All I can say this is one magazine I will continue to buy thats for sure..
Why?? do you ask??..simple it is just #1: SO inspiring
#2: Techniques you can use in any medium not just softies..

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