Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Stuffed", a Gathering of Softies

A Brand New Magazine called "Stuffed", a Gathering of Softies! for all us softie lovers is out... Look for it at your local newstand or bookstore.
Lisa from " QD PATOOTIES" has her sweet and beautiful
Softies!! On the front cover of the inaugural issue of Stuffed, a Gathering of Softies!
Go by Lisa's blog to see more detail and check out Lisa's Free Softie patterns she has so wonderfully offered to us all.
also in the ..."Stuffed", a Gathering of Softies another talented artist Tascha ... has her beautiful softie "Little Lizzy"..

"Stuffed", a Gathering of Softies is on news stands now. This magazine is full of wonderful dolls from many talented artists.


Art4Sol said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new magazine...will try to find a copy.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Hi Darlene,Thanks so much for coming by..Hope you had a wonderfull Christmas ,Wish You a awesome New Year!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I will have to look for this magazine.. or order it on line :)
Thank you for letting us all know about this wonderful book.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

your more than welcome sweet M.. you will love this magazine!

lark said...

I saw this magazine yesterday, it is wonderful. I would love to be in a magazine like this one.I'm just nor sure my stuff is goo enough. I saw it at Joann Fabric store.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Oh Lark..DO just look in the back of the magazine tells you how to enter your own creations..go for it!!!