Monday, August 21, 2006

Fall Florida Style

My favorite season is Fall...I LOVE the FALL....Florida doesn't get all the beautiful fall colors, Or Colorful leaves ,But mid September we do get a break in our hot temperatures and a noticeable nip in the mornings and evenings, Our temps go from 90's to 80's and the humidity is lower also. BUT also September--is the most active month for hurricanes to occur.

What do we do for "Fall" You ask!
We CREATE,! Starting in July right after the 4th, I really get creative , I buy E-Patterns from several of my Fav Designers , Just to name a few! rkcreations, sweetmeadowsfarm,
soft-in-the-head, dirtycrowinn, lowellcountrydesigns , crabby_gabby_dolls, sassafrashillprimitives
The dollar store has all their fall decorations out, I go buy oodles of their Fall Color silk leaves that come like in long strips, I then add Tiny White lights all through them, Then use them on our Fire Place mantel, As center piece on the Dining room table, Also as a whimsical display on our kitchen Bar counter top. On And On I just accent here n there. I create Fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving Vignettes,

Sewing! I sew Vignettes to place inside the Fall leaves and lights I have made and am making lots yet Pumpkins, with Mice, Whimsical Pumpkin Dolls, Bats, Small Witches Hats, and Brooms, Oodles of bright fun colors purple, Stars, Candy Corn, Raggedys dressed for trick or treatings,

After Halloween we put away the Halloween Vignettes away until next year, But still love and enjoy our FALL Vignettes through Thanksgiving,
I create Thanksgiving dolls.. Pilgrims,.. Stichery's of Thanksgiving of long ago and Today,,
Mice and Turkeys ect...
I also use the Fall Color silk leaves with the lights on our front porch and back porch
I use straw, Bales of Hay for the front porch,
I will take lots of pictures to share with you all, I should have every thing done by the end of next week! I hope this gives you some great idea's for your Fall Creations!!