Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fall is Coming!!!

Fall is Coming!!! I have been bitten by the Ole' Fall Bug! I can't wait for the temps to become cooler, (Well at least cool for Florida)
I have created my first Fall Doll,

Her name is Auburn... about 15 inches tall,I created her from

a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern, Auburn has a wonderful round head, Hand drawn face and her stripes on her legs and shoes, with acrylics and sealed, I used roven for her hair which is hand felted on to her head As with most Prim dolls her beautiful hair is around her face only, Not a full head of hair, Auburn's apron is hand drawn by me ,I placed a shinny new safety pin on her apron, I saw this design on a vintage Halloween post card ,Auburn's dress I did tweak , I made it very full, It has a black back ground with golden stars and moons... Her pantaloons are orange and black tiny check,..I am working on the cutest cat and hat for Auburn, to add a bit of whimsy to her, also charging my camera batteries, will take better pictures of her...