Monday, November 20, 2017

What REALLY does "Thanksgiving Mean To You" Gosh Thanksgiving is just a couple days away. First Living in Beautiful Florida, where we really don't see the change of the weather or leaves, So Thanksgiving is truly from our hearts.

So many this time of year so called "The Holidays" Have the wrong attitudes, Many are sad, I meet a Lady the other day, I felt so bad for her, Because she lost her Husband 2 years ago,She has a Son and Daughter in-law and 2 teenage Grand Children, They had invited her over for Thanksgiving, Yet she could not see past her pain,

I told her to smile and Go have a wonderful time share Thanksgiving with her son and daughter in-law and grandchildren, Smile and give Joy from herself. It will come back to her.

We also have faced so many losses , but we will not let that dominate our lives, But we want to give as much as we can to others.

Why You ask, Well because for many of us "Baby Boomers" it is time where our kids have moved away to a different States or many of us have the loss of Family members or just plain wish things could be as we remember Thanksgiving to be.

We should be Thankful and Cherish those memories.
One must really look inside their own heart. To remember the past Thanksgivings from child hood up to the what I call the "NOW"

Remembering Mom and Dad and so many  people of our childhood, it’s a Good Thing. It brings smiles and warmth to our hearts. But we also must be in the Now of things as they are.

Yep our kids all live in a different State from us, Even our one and only Grandbaby.

But I look upon Thanksgiving as truly being Thankful for all our kids and Grand Baby !

Thankful; is the Key word. and The Love of our Heart. Thankful for All our Children and Grand Babies, Their Health. Their Joy, Their prosperity in life.

Isn't that what and how we raised them to be to begin with !

I am so Thankful for them all, But most of I am soooo very Thankful for my Husband,

My High School Sweet Heart and the Best of the Bestest Forever Friend. We have actually grown up in life together,

Now Sharing our retirement years together, What a Blessing !
So here we are just Hubby and Me sharing and enjoying our cooking of Thanksgiving together. PsSssT  as long as he stays out my way *Big Smile*

Today starts with the baking of our Pumpkin Pies. Also His favorite "Key Lime Pie"
We went together and have bought all our ingredients for Our Special Thanksgiving Dinner.

That is a first, I have always gone just did my own Thanksgiving buying by myself,
No biggie I did this  for many years. Loving it.

What a joy it was having Hubby with me as we bought our planned Thanksgiving meal together. We talked about my Thanksgiving favorite "The Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade” Loud enough to hear over all the action and fun in the kitchen !!

Yeppers it will be just us two ,but our hearts are with all our kids and just plain being Thankful not just on Thanksgiving ,

But Thankful each and every day !
From Our Hearts to all Your Families Heart, We are thinking of you all and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


charlotte fletcher@roma land woodcrafts said...

It is just me and Charcoal, and yes, I still will make my family recipe of Chicken and Dressing. I am so blessed to have wonderful family memories.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Charlotte, May your Thanksgiving Be the best ever for you and Charcoal, God Bless you with His Joy !! Thank You so much for stopping by my friend !