Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wondering What's Happened To The Cloth Doll World

I have been enjoying just taking quiet time and reading the wonderful Doll site "Maida Today"
Which was created by Dixie Redmond. of
I am so truly Thankful Dixie has left  "Maida Today" up on line. It is so very rich in history of all types of Vintage Dolls,

I have been wondering personally what has happened to all the most awesome  Cloth Doll makers, Where have they gone, All the different groups ,Where we really shared and were so excited to see what some else  found on eBay,Then we all would talk about the find, and it was such a wonderful time of truly sharing ,caring, and learning.
Where are those that re-created
Izannah Walker's
Alabama doll
Edith Flack Ackley Dolls

I Love Love to visit also
Sherri Farley

Jan Conwell
 These gal's really just blow me away with their talent  bringing to life the Dolls of YesterYear.

 I really miss the chatter, and excitement we all shared.
Remembering all the awesome blogs,
Thinking of all the wonderful doll patterns, and the artists that had classes, Where did every one go ?
Is it me ? Did I lose being in touch with the world of Cloth Doll makers ? Did they all go to Face Book ? Face Book just in my own opinion is OK,But it is not like actual Doll groups or Blogs,

To me Face Book is a way of keeping in touch with Family and Friends.
I to have a SympleTymes Face Book Page, But for me it is hard to figure out how to use,Though I do keep trying, Yes there are Doll groups on Face Book, but you wonder when you post on them if your
post was even seen let alone answered.It just doesn't6 seem as personal as groups like on yahoo were, or even on Blogs.

I for one will always keep creating cloth dolls , and always keep researching learning the history about them, hopefully   in a small way keep doll making alive with great appreciation and Love for the Doll Makers from YesterYear so long ago, and pass this knowledge  for the next generation.

I wanted to share with you all a book about  Columbian Dolls it is on Amazon and I have it on my wish list!
The Story of the Columbian Dolls: How the Adams Sisters saved the family farm
by Diane Doyle Parrish


Sherri Farley said...

Golly Sherrie, I feel honored you included me in your post, thank ya. You too make wonderful dollies! I haven't made a doll in well over a year. I hand sew my dolls, but broke my finger and had surgery (which included a screw) so my needle pushing finger no longer bends. My husband had some health issues as well as my brother, who now lives with us after his stroke. I got busy with my dollhouse projects. I made a little hand sewn dress for my Hitty doll this week. First sewing I've done in a forever. The doll makers I know still make dolls, but maybe not so many or so often. The posts seem to have dwindled too. I have to wonder if younger people even like or appreciate them anymore. A lot of work goes into doll making and the cost of them may be prohibitive too. I too wonder what has happened!

Martha said...

I don't look at to many blogs regularly. I guess people stopped writing on their blogs as much. I still have a blog, but am slow in making new things, or waiting on something to make a new post. I enjoy reading others plans and seeing their dolls too. Face book is where alot of people choose to post now, but I still like to post what I am doing on my blog and on facebook. Not to many visitors to my blog, but that is because I don't go to many other blogs very often. You have a nice blog. I considered stopping my post, but it is a good place to have pictures of your dolls and things, and I know people read blogs even if they do not comment. I think lots of people are still making cloth dolls, but groups like Izannah Doll Class. ( dixie's class ) seem to be gone. I sure enjoyed that. I enjoyed reading on your blog today.

Jan Conwell said...

I'm still here! And humbled that you thought of me. I pop in to the MAIDA Today FB site and comment, but I haven't posted there in a while, at least not since Izannah's Birthday.

My focus has gone to a lot more of the folk art pcs I did back when I first began, but I will always make Izzy dolls. :~)

I get on the Blog Reading list, but probably only once a week, to catch up with everyone's most recent posts. I don't like to post a blog myself unless I have news AND photos, but then I wonder how necessary are the photos? Blogging feels like talking in the dark to an empty room sometimes...