Sunday, November 26, 2017

Walking Down Doll Making Lane ~!

I have my favorite cup of Tea, and Just enjoying walking down what I call Doll Makers Dreams, Seeing SO many of my favorite Pattern Designers , and Realizing I do have several of those patterns I I dearly love,
But as always also seeing those that still tug at my heart , Wonder yet still can I ?? Or Just keep on wondering if I could actually create those I hide in my heart.

I see so many awesome talented doll Maker Pattern designers that have pass on and it brings tears to my eyes,Yet makes me want to to create using their pattern ,Because I knew them on line and Now they are gone from us, Sad Yes,

But yet I realized that through their hearts through their fingers on to us ,Their Patterns are still here for us !! With that being said,It brought a warmth and again a tear to my heart ,Just knowing they are still in a pattern way yet among us !

I so enjoy and am so Thankful for Doll Makers Journey ,I was with them from the start with my Doll Making, Now they have PDF Pattern from many of our favorite Pattern designers on Esty
Just sitting here loving and enjoying each and every pattern, I as of now now have a couple
of creations going on.Trying to get a couple finished for the Christmas Holidays and let's not for get our little Baby Grand Daughter!!
 I am looking for that special one that just knocks my socks of ,takes my breath away and I hear my self say as many times in the past "Oh YES ! I have got to make this Pattern ~!!

But still I have a several creations I want to create as soon as Christmas is over, Plus I am still making my Second Quilt, A different way it is a Quilt as you go Quilt all Birds,Just SO cute and then I am going to turn right around and make a lap quilt with Baby Dinosaurs,Yeppers for Hubby and me, It is the kid in me coming out!

Creating either for Fun or Profit is what it is all about,
I hope you join me in going down Again What I call Doll Makers Dream !!

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