Saturday, April 01, 2017

New Offerings

I have been one busy gal, I never realized how much I Love doing what I am doing!
 For those who  collect elephants.
Mom- 8 1/2 inches tall from to of her head to the end of her trunk,
and Mom is 11 inches wide, Baby- 8 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall.
 Their tails are so pretty and unique! Beaded wire with tassels.

 This  is such a precious  Mother Elephant and sweet Baby Elephant. Just looking them makes you smile and feel their love. I used beads for their eyes,

Oh their wonderful Ears are  soft and delicate ears, and bright cotton fabric.

I just absolutely “Love” how the trunks can hook onto one another,

As Elephants do  this as a show of Love for each other..

Lop eared Bunny   "Crickett"

Lop eared Bunny
Pattern By Fruitfull Hands

Please meet Crickett my little Lop Eared Bunny, Growing up we had several Lop Eared Bunnys  Oh how we loved them.

I have named this little bunny Crickett
Big 11  inches sitting
I created Crickett using Warm and natural batting,

I delicately aged  Crickett  giving a sense of nostalgia and bringing back 'days gone by'.

The face of  Crikett  is hand  Embroidered,

Wearing a nice cotton bow around  Criketts neck  and also holding a blue egg !

Long Legged Rabbits

 Long Legged Rabbits
Pattern By JDConwell
 What I absolutely adore about these  Long Legged Rabbits is their simple simplicity !
Yep pure simple no batteries needed just a wonderful child like imagination
 They are  18 inches long. Their ears are 8 ½ inches long. Yes they are all Legs !
I used beads for their eyes. Beautiful Paisley Top quality Cotton Fabric .
They are sold separately .
Just let your imagination go and have fun with one of these adorable Long Legged Rabbits!
creating a sense of  your child hood and bringing back 'days gone by'.

They all are listed on SympleTymes Etsy, Please stop by, Thank You so much!, Sherrie

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Jan Conwell said...

Loving your fabric choices--especially for Long Legs. :~)