Monday, April 10, 2017

Dick and Jane fabric

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I was so blessed to have found  Dick and Jane fabric which is OOP
But good ole' Esty came through for me. I just received my fabric in the mail.I REALLY did not expect it to arrive so fast! About 5 days in time,It came all the way from Washington State , which from me is about as far apart as you can get.
Gosh I would like to frame some of it and am thinking seriously
of doing just that. I have a yard each of the fabric,  Even though the doll I have almost finished for the fabric might use it all, So will wait and see after I have dressed her,
 In all the dolls I have created for over 20 years I think I have only 4 that I kept for my self. One is a EFA doll and the other is a 11 inch Raggedy with a hand painted face.  One is a Colombian Style Doll and another one is a Early 30 inch Rag Doll along with her baby.
 They for some reason stole my heart.
This doll I am creating for this special fabric, I will keep for sure, She is so special to me already. Weird as it sounds.
I love this fabric because looking at  it brings such wonderful memories of my child hood, An era which was at peace and seemed a lot slower than it is today, But back then it also seem it took years for Christmas to come :)


Sherri Farley said...

Beautiful fabric, I look forward to seeing the dolly that you create!

Jan Conwell said...

How cute! I have a few pieces of fabric that are so sweet and special that I've dragged them around for years, not able to decide what to use them for.