Friday, April 28, 2017

Did a stupid thing *ugh*

I don't usually say any thing about me if I am sick or what ever, But have to say   I really did a dumb thing,
 I use hemostats to stuff with,

 I have been so honored to have a couple of requests for Raggedys ,The dolls are 26 inches .I Love dolls that are large and have nice fat legs and arms, Also a nice size head ,
so I can sew their hair on. Well silly me instead of using my 8 inch Hemostats, I was in a hurry so I grabbed my 
24 inch hemostats, The hole slide all the way up and over my right thumb, in the cradle of my hand.
I also was going to surprise my husband by making two 5 foot dolls, They are sewn and ready to be stuffed, Again I would have used the 24 inch hemostat.  He wants them to sit on our front porch and dress them for the different holidays and so on.
Well I started stuffing the two 26 in raggedy s and noticed my right thumb hurting, as always I ignored it, 
I would not stop until they both were finished stuffing, 
Well I woke up in the morning to find I could not bend my right thumb and you talk about pain,
Then when I got to where I could move it ,
If  I bend it down I almost screamed
in pain then have to take my left hand to bend 
my thumb back up. 
So I stopped stuffing and just put the two 5 foot dolls to the side,
Thinking this will go away if I just do not stuff, 
After a month of this, I broke down went to the doctor,
 Long story short, He said I had severe inflammation in the joints , Called it Tendonitis, Now I have a mesh cast on my right arm down through to my hand. 
 Doctor said it takes time for it to heal and said he suggests I do not do any stuffing for a while, 
I can't just sit, I always have to be doing some thing creative,
My heart is broken right now as I look at my dolls just sitting,
 I was able to get my two order's finished and mailed off.

Then I thought well now what. This is the time of the year I start my Fall items, 
I have a tote full of stuffed doll bodies , So I am going to try to sew and get them dressed, 
But it is my right hand that is injured will have to see how face painting will go, What to do about the hair ?

I also thought about Quilting, I have a couple on line classes I paid for on "Craftsy" I like to applique,So the quilt classes that are for beginners like me, are just that blocks with applique.

It will feel  so good to be playing with my fabric and using my sewing machine once again.
I also have a counted cross stitch I am making for my sweet Husband, So I have a lot of  creativeness that I can do!!!
Just as long as I can do this with having to bend my thumb.

I laugh now when I look at my 5 foot dolls that need to be stuffed, Might be a while, But as long as I can create
 I am Thankful and Happy!
For the first time I actually must behave and not push and cause more damage, Funny thing this thing called
 "Getting Older"

Monday, April 10, 2017

Dick and Jane fabric

Be sure to click to enlarge
I was so blessed to have found  Dick and Jane fabric which is OOP
But good ole' Esty came through for me. I just received my fabric in the mail.I REALLY did not expect it to arrive so fast! About 5 days in time,It came all the way from Washington State , which from me is about as far apart as you can get.
Gosh I would like to frame some of it and am thinking seriously
of doing just that. I have a yard each of the fabric,  Even though the doll I have almost finished for the fabric might use it all, So will wait and see after I have dressed her,
 In all the dolls I have created for over 20 years I think I have only 4 that I kept for my self. One is a EFA doll and the other is a 11 inch Raggedy with a hand painted face.  One is a Colombian Style Doll and another one is a Early 30 inch Rag Doll along with her baby.
 They for some reason stole my heart.
This doll I am creating for this special fabric, I will keep for sure, She is so special to me already. Weird as it sounds.
I love this fabric because looking at  it brings such wonderful memories of my child hood, An era which was at peace and seemed a lot slower than it is today, But back then it also seem it took years for Christmas to come :)

Saturday, April 01, 2017

New Offerings

I have been one busy gal, I never realized how much I Love doing what I am doing!
 For those who  collect elephants.
Mom- 8 1/2 inches tall from to of her head to the end of her trunk,
and Mom is 11 inches wide, Baby- 8 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall.
 Their tails are so pretty and unique! Beaded wire with tassels.

 This  is such a precious  Mother Elephant and sweet Baby Elephant. Just looking them makes you smile and feel their love. I used beads for their eyes,

Oh their wonderful Ears are  soft and delicate ears, and bright cotton fabric.

I just absolutely “Love” how the trunks can hook onto one another,

As Elephants do  this as a show of Love for each other..

Lop eared Bunny   "Crickett"

Lop eared Bunny
Pattern By Fruitfull Hands

Please meet Crickett my little Lop Eared Bunny, Growing up we had several Lop Eared Bunnys  Oh how we loved them.

I have named this little bunny Crickett
Big 11  inches sitting
I created Crickett using Warm and natural batting,

I delicately aged  Crickett  giving a sense of nostalgia and bringing back 'days gone by'.

The face of  Crikett  is hand  Embroidered,

Wearing a nice cotton bow around  Criketts neck  and also holding a blue egg !

Long Legged Rabbits

 Long Legged Rabbits
Pattern By JDConwell
 What I absolutely adore about these  Long Legged Rabbits is their simple simplicity !
Yep pure simple no batteries needed just a wonderful child like imagination
 They are  18 inches long. Their ears are 8 ½ inches long. Yes they are all Legs !
I used beads for their eyes. Beautiful Paisley Top quality Cotton Fabric .
They are sold separately .
Just let your imagination go and have fun with one of these adorable Long Legged Rabbits!
creating a sense of  your child hood and bringing back 'days gone by'.

They all are listed on SympleTymes Etsy, Please stop by, Thank You so much!, Sherrie