Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Creating !

Gosh here it is a brand New Year , Can you believe it 2017!
Well yesterday I spent all day cooking meals, Enough for us for two days. Now with all that under my belt I can go to my sewing room and play!!
I have 3 projects going and want to share them .

#1: Pattern by Plain Old Rag Doll e-pattern by JDConwell Folkart Dolls

 I LOVE this pattern, I am in the stuffing stage of creating her ! 

I never have been one to like journaling, I sat down with a nice cup of hot pomegranate tea.
and took time to REALLY look in to me, and , Starting writing what I REALLY wanted to create, I just kept seeing what I call "YesterYear " type dolls

 I will be making more and more of this Vintage YeasterYear Type Dolls, Made my mind up these are what I have been wanting to create for so long, I just love them, and when I found Jan's e-pattern I was like a kid at Christmas and decided right then to take the plunge!
I can create with much love Rag Baby's like the pattern above, I have done a lot of research about the beloved Rag Babies and the thing the do for me is the transport me back in time.
I love 1800's early 19 century.
I know I can not make Izannah Walker style dolls. Though I dearly love them, Read about their history a lot, I look at the doll artists who do create them and proudly own one who was created by Jackie Eberley Nichols ,Picture of the Izannah  Doll below was created by:Jackie Eberley Nichols  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/389279961513778222/


#2:  I am also in a challenge for Cloth Doll Artistry Studio
The house template is only 5 inches ,I decided to create a Mug Rug or Hot Pad with the design making it my own,which is the fun part. Just can't make up my mind which it will be, I am working on it today, Cause the challenge is only one week long before it is due.

Why am I doing a Challenge??? That is what I was asking my self, Having TWO dolls in the works. I am doing the challenge because it is different, Makes me be more creative, and also pushed me to get going a bit faster,Yet with out any stress. and also it is a great way to make friends and talk about what we are all creating .SO on ward and for ward to the New Year 2017 !

 #3: I am creating a large 26 inch Raggedy, SympleTymes Pattern,
Which is stuffed and ready for her face and hair and to be dressed !
Ok your turn what are you all creating for this New Year Start???
Break is over now back to my fun day "Sewing Creating"



Jan Conwell said...

I cannot wait to see your rag doll! I love journaling too, and it helps me keep track of what I really want, as opposed to what the market is asking for. Sometimes I have to pay attention to the market, but if I'm not honest about what I want to make, then the magic goes away. Your little red striped stockings and black shoes are going to make some dolly very happy!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Jan your really summed it up so well! It is so true if you really don't make what is in your heart , That feeling of I really want to make so so and don't the magic truly isn't there! I just kind of fell in to journaling, Was like wrestling my self , Cause I really knew what type of doll I do want to make.But when you write it out on paper, There it is so plain to see :)!I will share my finished doll with the striped stockings and black shoes,She speaks to my heart .!