Monday, September 05, 2016

What is in the works now

I am happy to say "I am on a roll" and feels soooo good, I belong to a online group called Vintage Cloth Dolls, They had in August a challenge called "UFDS" Well I joined in, UNFD =Unfinished dolls, I have a large tote with several UFDS and , I  challenged my self to finish not just one but two.
and I did it !
So now I am challenging my self to finish my Pilgrims I cut out  over five years ago, I love Thanksgiving. and it seems Thanksgiving has gotten a bad rap, Just kind of brushed under the rug so to speak , The stores go from Halloween right in to Christmas, Not giving "Thanksgiving much thought. So My challenge to my self  is to finish these Pilgrims  for Thanksgiving Decor! The pattern is by Sweet Meadows Farm.This is the cover of the pattern

Now as you can see starting to stuff their body's and arms, legs, So I begin , They will be a pair !
Man and a Woman Pilgrim ! I plan to keep blogging their creating journey !

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Jan Conwell said...

Go you! I too have lots of unfinished projects. I figure it's a permanent condition for me.