Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Little Face Tutorial

I in no way claim to create  good faces, But I am trying hard, I just keep practicing as much as I can. In September I will finally have more time to get back to  practicing, practicing, practicing,
 In this tutorial I am using chalk, I find chalk so for giving, allowing for softer faces, Blending is much easier for me.
I light pencil draw the face on. Taking a cotton swab I start with white, filling in the circle of the eye.
 Here I have added my chosen color which is Blue, But do not be afraid of other colors like green, even purple they turn out wonderfully.
Now I have added the pupil .

 Now I am starting my shading around the eye. With a clean cotton swab I used burnt brown chalk lightly started shading.Building is the key. I also start my shadowing at this time for her nose and mouth.

as you can see I have added the dot of white, This dot I did use acrylic white paint, This  gives life, light to the eye,I wanted it to stand out sharply, This is the reason for using  acrylic white paint

Now using real blush to apply to her cheeks
Don't be afraid, I put the blush on more heavily than I normally would, So it would show up on camera, Take a piece of soft cloth and rub/blend the blush in to the doll's face to the point that your happy with the look of the blush. The left side of her face I am showing how blending with the soft cloth is soften and blends the blush.The right side I haven't blended yet.
I used red chalk on her lips with a dot of 
acrylic white paint to give a spark of life.

Try to visualize her dressed and with hair ! Now go out side using Krylon mat spray, Spray her face, I usually use two coats, being sure drying time in between.


Cozy Expressions said...

You make this look so easy !!

Jan Conwell said...

Isn't it amazing when you find a new technique? Love the depth of color you are able to get with this. Well done!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Cindi and Jan, I am not where I want to be yet, But that comes with practice , But have to say using chalk is at least for me so much easier for blending, Most use Acrylics and get a soft will blended look, I have a problem not being able to achieve that soft look, Mine come out like a doe in the head lights ! Thank You so much for your encouragement. (((hugsz)))) to you both !