Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day !!!

 As you can see I have been bust sewing TaDa!!!
Will post a finished picture !
alrighty as I promised the finished pictures... ( Side One ) The Lady who ordered this apron wanted a simple  no  frill summer apron, Boy this was hard to do, I wanted to  embellish big time, Even have the cutest Lady Bug buttons and Dragonfly's.
Side two..I am thinking of adding the Lady Bug buttons and Dragonfly's. any way..I mean that isn't frill !!!:)  I mean to me this apron is just to plain..
 I am proud of my Geraniums, They are just blooming their hearts out, What color!

 This I call my "Lee " Plant...
My " Queen Of The Night " Is growing blooms !! This is such a gorgeous plant when in bloom, They Bloom from May to the first of October..Their fragrance fills the whole neighborhood, They bloom only at night, But what fun watching them open from sun set then close up as the sun rises..

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