Thursday, May 02, 2013

Great Day this has been TaDa!!

 Nice day off TaDa!!! I bought these towels a couple months a go  to try Embellishing them.I am so in love with this fabric..I think it is the color combo, Yet it is so whimsical..
Below is a kitchen towel from the dollar store..I had to see if they will actually hold up..I am thinking they won't that is why their is only one of them..

 This is the actual fabric,: CLICK " to see large !,Isn't it a hoot !! I am happy with my towels, NOW the embellishing idea's are really flowing, Buttons, Ric-Rac- Ribbon, Lace. 3-D stitching whoHooO! Look out Marshall's I am coming to buy Towels!!!

 Our daughter and son-inlaw came down two weeks a go from GA..Here they are gathered at our son's Brian and Samantha's new house, and meeting Molly-Moo our 4 legged grankid for the first time, We had so much fun together !!!

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