Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Etsy Account Scam Alert...

A wonderful heads up written by  "

Lily Patch Quilts

"Etsy Account Scam Alert...

I just want to put out an alert to everyone with an Etsy account. This has happened to me twice in the last few days. I received an e-mail from Etsy saying that  I need to sign in to recover my account. There's a link in the e-mail that's provided. Once you click on that link and sign in you will be taken directly to a page where you are required to update your info including credit card numbers. I was curious and clicked, checked the link to see where it originated and know that it was a scam. The second time I received an e-mail I rolled over the link to see the web address and it's not an Etsy address at all.
Times are tough, please be careful

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day !!!

 As you can see I have been bust sewing TaDa!!!
Will post a finished picture !
alrighty as I promised the finished pictures... ( Side One ) The Lady who ordered this apron wanted a simple  no  frill summer apron, Boy this was hard to do, I wanted to  embellish big time, Even have the cutest Lady Bug buttons and Dragonfly's.
Side two..I am thinking of adding the Lady Bug buttons and Dragonfly's. any way..I mean that isn't frill !!!:)  I mean to me this apron is just to plain..
 I am proud of my Geraniums, They are just blooming their hearts out, What color!

 This I call my "Lee " Plant...
My " Queen Of The Night " Is growing blooms !! This is such a gorgeous plant when in bloom, They Bloom from May to the first of October..Their fragrance fills the whole neighborhood, They bloom only at night, But what fun watching them open from sun set then close up as the sun rises..

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Great Day this has been TaDa!!

 Nice day off TaDa!!! I bought these towels a couple months a go  to try Embellishing them.I am so in love with this fabric..I think it is the color combo, Yet it is so whimsical..
Below is a kitchen towel from the dollar store..I had to see if they will actually hold up..I am thinking they won't that is why their is only one of them..

 This is the actual fabric,: CLICK " to see large !,Isn't it a hoot !! I am happy with my towels, NOW the embellishing idea's are really flowing, Buttons, Ric-Rac- Ribbon, Lace. 3-D stitching whoHooO! Look out Marshall's I am coming to buy Towels!!!

 Our daughter and son-inlaw came down two weeks a go from GA..Here they are gathered at our son's Brian and Samantha's new house, and meeting Molly-Moo our 4 legged grankid for the first time, We had so much fun together !!!