Monday, February 04, 2013

My First Quilting Class ~ TaDa ~

Just wanted to share..This is my little quilt shop I go to for my quilting lesson's.
Happy Apple Quilts

Saturday was my first day and it was such fun. What we are making as a class is a Table is done in what they call a
basket is 33 x 33. I chose lime green, bright blue , a focal fabric that is in design of old fashion bicycles and done in the colors of the lime green, bright blue . When picking out my fabric I had no idea what it was we were making "duh"
 if I had read the pattern it states right on there " Table Topper"

I already decided after the class .I will turn right around and make this table topper again for my dining room table.

 I love herbs and I will do it in that. Plus to do again every thing I have learned.Practice makes perfect tada!

One thing is just because it says it is a table topper. you can use it for allot of things if you wall hanging or for the pups to sleep on :) Can even be a lap quilt for some one who is sitting in a chair..

 Showing my back side, Cause I am proud of all my matched seams..and Ironed the correct way, They all lay very flat YAY !!
This is the front side....If you enlarge the pictures you will see my focal fabric has a bit of orange in it, That is what the backing fabric will be, The borders are in the lime green.

It was my first time actually picking out fabric and learning what a focus fabric was.I can't tell you how much we have already
learned (Meaning my girl friend and I ) it is well worth the price to take a good quilting class. I love the idea they used a ... not to  big nor to little size.

Next Saturday we will put our borders on and layer our quilts. learning how to do binding also.
Another thing I learned ..we should always use at least a 50% weight in thread..again a Huge difference..I always bought what was  on sale..Made a difference with my sewing machine too.

another thing I learned so far..having the proper tools is # 1.. investing in the right rotary cutter,  and the large 9 x 24 ruler, which has skid cushion tabs on the back.. I took a Fiskars ruler  I bought just for the class for $8.00 at Wal-Mart. and was chasing it all
over the fabric trying to measure exact. Very bad cause it can make you really mess up in measurements..So I bought .their ruler  which is by " Creative Grids "  What again a huge difference.

I took 3 rotary cutters( one was a Fiskars ) NONE of them did the proper job.
I was so frustrated.Every one else had the good tools..was just sailing had to buy a good rotary cutter the brand they use is called " OLFA Rotary Cutter... again made a huge huge difference..but like the teacher
said once you have the right tools they are life time, some thing you use over over again.

 I did order my cutting mat on line..

Fiskars 24-Inch by 36-Inch Self Healing  Rotary Cutting Mat
I am happy with can not cut it..So I'm basically set.
I do need to buy a good square ruler of course the " Creative Grids " :) Okay I know I told you all more than you wanted to know..didn't mean to get so gabby about it. But just wanted to share the fun with you all.


Mary Ann said...

It looks pretty good to me Sherrie:) I have never quilted before and I was thinking of taking some classes too. I have a really great quilt shop not far from me so maybe I should take the plunge.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Mary Ann, I hope you will take the plunge, It is one of the best things I have ever done for me, Our class met today and all we have left to do is add the binding and we will be done, I am SO excited and even proud,I am going to turn right around and do this same table topper (different colors and fabric) Just so I can use once again every thing I learned:)