Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dollar Store Glitter Holidays

I saw this tutorial and thought , What a easy and neat idea, So I went to the dollar Store and bought several small inexpensive plastic type  figurines Animals, Angels, Dolls, and now will:

Take my supplies: (Bought at the dollar store)
Small paintbrush , White glue , Silver, Gold, Red and Green  glitter, greenery, small ornaments, tiny white lights,
and Bowl
1. Hold a figurine by any area ; use a paint brush to coat head, body, and other area's with a thin, even layer of white glue.

2. Spoon glitter onto figurine; gently shake excess into bowl. You can just let dry on it's own Or I take a hair blow dyer and on low heat blow them gently dry..then set  them  aside..
3. Just keep repeating the process until you have achieved the desired look you want, Just keep on dabbing them with glue and  spooning on more glitter.

4. The next day I take a sealant like Krylon clear spray,  and spray my figurines  to seal . You will be Surprised how mystical and expensive they look

Now add your greenery and
#1: lights
#2: small ornaments
and maybe even some snow and you have a nice table center piece or a nice gift
I am giving these as gifts in Christmas bags for my clients at work.

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