Thursday, October 25, 2012

My New Antique Tea Pot !

OK ...I could not tell which picture I liked the most... So I posted
them all *Big Smile* My husband and I do a memories thingy, Every year when we go on vacation we buy a antique tea cup and also a new Christmas tree ornament.. I have been wanting a special Antique Tea Pot for several years, Nothing I saw yelled at me PsSsSStttTT~ I am what your wanting until this tea pot.. Yep I heard  Here I am , What you have been waiting and looking for TaDa~ I asked my Son-inlaw..Gary would  you pay  for what you want OR pay for what you should :) He said "Can't answer that one :) Oh he played it safe!! My daughter said " Mom I would pay for what I wanted !! awww  girl after my own heart !! Well here is my beautiful Tea Pot,
Tea Pot is from  the early 1900's..I am in-Love !! The pretty Mum's were given to me by my awesome daughter!

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