Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dittie Bag

Quick and easy goodie bags

I saw tutorial on Craft Gossip for creating
"Quick and easy goodie bags" and I got excited and ordered a pk of a 100 count - 4x6-.Today while I wait for my shipment, I will make up my own Goodie Bag..

now will use my Accuquilt Go to embellish them, Add ribbon for draw strings~ tada! I have been looking for a small add on to make for my up coming craft show, Hopefully these will be a good seller, I also plan to make doll faces to embellish them , I think the idea's for these small goodie bags are endless !!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lemon Poppy Seeds SympleTymes Shoppe ~ Perfectly Primitive and Only Primitives!  Offering Extreme Primitives, Primitive Crafts, Fabulous Folk Art, Collectibles and Primitive Antiques!

WhOooHOOO I am so excited to announce I have joined Lemon Poppy Seeds !! I feel as though I have come home !Lemon Poppy Seeds is a fantastic group of artist's and a wonderful sisterhood!!
If you haven't seen Lemon Poppy Seeds go over and get aquatinted.
While there be sure to read their on-line Rusty Tin Roof :: Online Magazine just click on magazine in upper left corner
SympleTymes has their very own shoppe! Please watch for our *Grand Opening* September 15 , 2012 ~ Perfectly Primitive and Only Primitives!  Offering Extreme Primitives, Primitive Crafts,  Fabulous Folk Art, Collectibles and Primitive Antiques!

For our Grand Opening SympleTymes will be having a fantastic *Give Away* So stay tuned and look for more info about the *Give Away * Also watch for our up dates!! ~TaDa~

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Creating Armature & Body for Art Doll

The New Clay News
Creating Armature & Body for Art Doll

These are instructions for creating a sturdy wire frame doll armature that is also padded and wrapped to complete the body of an art doll. This type of art doll body is designed to have a clay head, arms/hands and legs/feet attached and to be permanently covered with clothing. This body form is bendable and positionable, but, once placed in desired position, it's not usually re-positioned again and again like a jointed doll would be.
This detailed tutorial was written in Russian by Oksana Dyachenko. All links go to page that has been translated to English by Google. If you have any problems understanding the somewhat flawed computerized translation, please leave comments here and I'll do my best to explain. If you would like to see page in original language (or translate it to a different language), click optional link provided.
This armature and body can be made in any doll size you need. Instructions suggest realistic body proportions but, of course, you have the option of ignoring those proportions to create a stylized doll with extra long legs or some other exaggerated feature.The author suggests, before starting work on the skeleton, sculpt the head so you have an idea of the final proportional size of the body. By having a completed head available, you can easily determine the height of the body. You can always sculpt head later if you want, but it is easier to determine the size of the body based on the size of the head and not vice versa. The ratio of head to the total height of an adult ranges from about 1:7 to 1:8.Children's heads are much larger in proportion to body so the ratio is less, depending on age of child.
The average shoulder width is equal to the height of 2 heads (or 3 widths).
The arm's length is 3 times the height of the head. The elbow is at waist level.The length of the thigh is approximately equal to the length of the leg below knee, which is about 2 times height of the head.The width of the pelvis in women is approximately equal to the width of the shoulders.
Knowing these proportions will guide you in the manufacture of your body armature.
Part 1 - The Wire Skeleton (English) (in Russian)
Part 2 - Wrapping the Body (English) (in Russian)
For this project we need an already made puppet frame (aka doll skeleton), a spool of any thread, floral tape or adhesive tape, scissors, and most importantly! toilet paper. You can also use synthetic padding (quilt batting) and wrap with a cord. The author says that toilet paper is one of the most grateful and compliant materials. Also inexpensive and easily accessible. She finds it easier to form the desired body volume gradually using the toilet paper. The process is slow because of many thin layers of paper, however, all errors are easily corrected immediately

Monday, August 06, 2012

Then There Were 9 :)

Alrighty Ta Da~~ Now have 9 dolls finished, 10 to 14 inch little Raggedy's finishedThese have hand painted faces, Hand sewn hair, Puffy sleeves, Pantaloons, Painted boots, striped legs,and I made yo-yo with a gem for the one with white hair, and made a flower with a gem for the yellow hair and matching hair bows..There is allot of work in these girls,

But I think they are just so cute!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Crackle Finish Tutorial

Crackle Finish Tutorials , I stumbled on to these crackle tutorials, and thought they were really cool, The first is by Crackle Finish

The second is by Ann of " Make The Best Of Things"

So this tutorial, as requested, will have lots of pictures and step by steps so you can see what to expect.If you have used crackle medium you know the basics, they are the same, but you will use Elmer's glue. I used multi purpose but I see online that others have used the school glue and even generic school glues. For this project I used Elmer's Glue All.

Ann wrote a in depth tutorial with step by step pictures go to her blog to read and see it!!

I am going to try this on my doll faces and legs and see how it works on cloth, First I will gesso, Then paint body color, Then add probably a antique color of flesh.. Tehn spay it with a matt spray to seal it..I will post pictures and let you know how it turns out..Hugzs Sherrie