Monday, April 16, 2012

Please meet our new addition Joey and Kiwi

Please meet our new addition Joey and Kiwi, Ours are the Pacific Parrotlets..They have been given to us by Nancy daughter of Eve, Who owns Eve's Restaurant, Nancy is buying a "African Grey Parrot "
They are young and seem to be hand raised, because they are very calm and will allow you to pet them, Unlike large parrots these have a almost finch like chirp..Parrotlets are Pocket-Size Parrot Fun
Parrotlets (pronounced "parrot-let" little parrot). With their wonderfully outgoing personalities, adorable-size, colorful plumage, comical behavior and quiet voice, parrotlets are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after small pet parrots. Less than six inches in length, be assured that parrotlets are true parrots, with all of the virtues and some of the vices.Parrotlets are the smallest of all parrots. Pacific Parrotlets are 5 1/2 inches in length. They come from South America in the area of Peru and Equador

Parrotlets have been domestically bred for almost 15 years ..hand-fed parrotlets often become completely devoted companions who enjoy spending time with their owners. They can learn to talk and are quite comical either playing with toys or amusing their owners with acrobatics such as hanging by their beaks and toes. Unlike many large parrots, they have no problem entertaining themselves all day ..

Alrighty with all the excitement.. Ummm I haven't told my hubby yet,,Ok if you never hear from me again:) You will know why:)


Mary Ann said...

They are very smart and do pick up a lot including swear words...LOL

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

LOL Mary Ann, Do you own a apair?
I am enjoying them, My daughter will be down to visit soon and I am going to clip their wings so I can start holding them, The male is the sweetest, The female likes to bite but not too hard yet(: