Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We are back from Vacation!

Thinking of our vacation re-living each and every sight.People we saw and talked to along the way..to the wild life that crossed our path in their majestic way
Walking through a church that was built in the 1700's...Yes I did say 1700's!!
Walking through their grave yard where buried was our American ancestors from the revolution war,AND before....EVEN ,before America was even birthed..With tears and great respect we looked upon each and every grave stone with their birth dates and death dates standing in awe knowing they gave their life for each of us.To bring forth America..This was truly humbling..We saw head stones made from granite that were so old they looked like petrified wood..Just a simple Church with stain glass window..Tall steeple..to the left was this simple grave yard that was full of history beyond any words..As things had started out to be and yet we stood knowing how they are in our time at this moment..
The evenings were so cool with lighting bugs and a cool mountain breeze..No bugs no humidity
not at all like Florida..This was a first time my husband had experience a summer out of Florida..So it made it even more special.. Our bestest friends welcomes us into their home
it was like time had stood still and we all just picked up where we had left off..They took us and showed us some beautiful sights.We laughed and had the best time..Yes cried when it was time to leave..Hopefully our home will sell soon and we will be together again!
wow there are no words to explain our vacation! It was totally God's country in TN.
So many things and sights and love and fun we did get to see and do..
Ending our vacation with a visit from our son Brian who got to come from Michigan to Florida for two days..So we had a family get together at Jimmy Iguanas on the beach.
Now it is back to reality! as I sit and write this hearing our familiar sounds of our home..
Washer and dyer humming along..Hearing our birds chirp and doing their thing..Hubby back at work..How easily we fall back in to our daily routine.But with a lighter heart and smiles on our faces and so much Love in our heart.

We now looking for ward to our Christmas trip to TN (If we haven't moved there ) to meet with our son Brian and his fiancee Samantha from Michigan..We will stay in a cabin once again just enjoying our time together and making even more memories!!

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