Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vacation Tyme is here!

Rounding every thing up..Cleaning the house, Packing up, getting ready for "Vacation Tyme"
SO looking forward to hubby and I and our 4 legged little girl Angel to get in to the car and off we will go!We will be staying with bestest friends and going hiking, white water rafting and gemming also!
Just to explore and enjoy and to relax and love the Mountains and soooo much more.
Then when we get back home our son who moved to MI in January, will be here for two night yippie! That will be extra special having our family all together !
I will talk to you all in a couple week! I might be able to post once in a while, we are taking our lap top..depend on internet:) Or even if I want to take the time cause when your on vacation it is hard to make time for the computer!!
Love N Hugs Sherrie


Liz said...

I hope to have a wonderful time!!

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Thanks so much sweet Liz!!

Libby Buttons said...

Hey is that me in that bikini ? Sure looks like me in a bathing suit. Oh well. Sounds like you have a wonderful vacation planned and a cherry on top with time planned with your son. Enjoy it all in good health!

softinthehead said...

Hey Sherrie....I love your blog! It is so exciting seeing you doing so well. We sure have known each other a very long time. Hope your vacation was wonderful. I have added you to blog Favs list, hope it's okay???? Smiles, Pam