Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whats coming up for SympleTymes

Hi Every One!! well I have lots to tell ya..
#1: I am back tada!!!! Yeppers.My girl friend who had broke her hip..and I have been working her salon for her since the end of March ..She is back and feeling good , so I have cut back my hours to part time and it feels so good to have time whoaaa weee!!!!

#2: I just got out of the hospital
.what happened was Friday of last week I got to have my my morning coffee let my dog out and all the sudden I just blacked out boom..dunno why sheeze
So my family pressured me to go see the ole doctor thats how I ended up in the hospital..
went to work Monday and had a doctors appt at 2pm well by 5 pm he had me admitted into the hospital. it was only a 2 night 3 day stay.
BUT they turned me inside out..Gosh I never knew there were so many tests they could do on a person! Every thing turned out pretty good.. I am so Thankful to God.
they did find out my blood pressure was way low(in the 2 digits) so they took me off my blood pressure med..
June 2 & 3 I have to go for a chemical stress test and wear a heart halter for 30 days and
go have a test they call a tilted table.. In my heart I really don't feel these are necessary but I will do as the ole doctor says.
I will Continue to give my praises to God knowing I am gonna be just fine!!

It feels so good to be back in my creative world once again and have several projects as always going on .Looking at so many wonderful artists..being sooo inspired...writting all my ideas and goals and dreams as I go along.
#3: which has led me to thinking about some new creations and am very excited to.
Already starting a couple a new patterns ,One some thing off the wall and fun.
Number two is a what I like to call is a reminiscent doll, which will be a family series.
Let's not for get my love for Aprons and Pinkeeps ,Have some exciting ideas buzzing around in my head for both and its exciting!
#4:I will be starting back doing my doll classes at our arts center here where I live and I am SO excited about it too!
#5:also I have started my fall line GOSH it is such fun creating with purples ,Blacks,Bright Oranges,Brillant Blues and yummie yellows and snappy greens and all those wonderful Fall colors too!
wellPPPpPPP thats whats coming up for SympleTymes and for me Sherrie
I feel good, I am creating!! Just loving every moment !!I will be coming and visiting all my wonderful online friends and seeing what all you awsome talented artists have been up too
Love you all Sherrie


vivian said...

how scarey! I'm glad that there arent finding anything seriously wrong. It could just have been a sudden drop in blood pressure. But best to let them do all the tests and then have a clean bill of health!
cant wait to see what sweet creations you come up with! have a great holiday weekend and take care of yourself.

Carla said...

Well, I'm certainly happy you are ok!!! I used to have low blood sugar and would faint a lot. Email me dear and give me your address. I have something I want you to have. :)

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Howdy Hey Viv and Carla..Thanks so much my friends for the best wishes..I am just excited about being able to sew again and do the things I want to do..Gosh if I have missed sewing so much