Friday, May 29, 2009

This week-ended pins ..

The Hoffman Challenge Come Join Me

I love this very old picture it is called "Dreaming" as you can see... a young man dreaming of his sweet heart..
Well I am dreaming to... about the "The Hoffman Challenge "
I have decided to join The Hoffman Challenge this year..
I always thought my type of dolls would not fit in..I create Primitive, FolkArt, Whimsy ,Vintage style..
I emailed Kelly at The Hoffman Challenge and was told any type/style of doll as long as it is a cloth doll is Welcomed..So come on all you totally awesome artists and join The Hoffman Challenge..DEADLINE to have your entry NO later than July 24th 2009 For more details go to

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Altered Fairy Angel by:Brenda O

This is a MUST to see!! My friend Brenda from
Has the most adorable Altered Fairy on her e-bay..When you have time stop by her e-Bay and her blog..You will walk away with a smile and a light heart!!..Hugs Sherrie

Primitive Folk Art OOAK ~Altered Fairy Angel Doll PFATT
"Imaginella"~an Imaginative Little Dolling by Brenda O*dollings_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ

Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Lady Hanger Tutorial

I found this tutorial to be really cool!! They also have some fun and really good tutorials on the right side of their page,,, Sherrie

Vintage Lady Hanger Tutorial

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whats coming up for SympleTymes

Hi Every One!! well I have lots to tell ya..
#1: I am back tada!!!! Yeppers.My girl friend who had broke her hip..and I have been working her salon for her since the end of March ..She is back and feeling good , so I have cut back my hours to part time and it feels so good to have time whoaaa weee!!!!

#2: I just got out of the hospital
.what happened was Friday of last week I got to have my my morning coffee let my dog out and all the sudden I just blacked out boom..dunno why sheeze
So my family pressured me to go see the ole doctor thats how I ended up in the hospital..
went to work Monday and had a doctors appt at 2pm well by 5 pm he had me admitted into the hospital. it was only a 2 night 3 day stay.
BUT they turned me inside out..Gosh I never knew there were so many tests they could do on a person! Every thing turned out pretty good.. I am so Thankful to God.
they did find out my blood pressure was way low(in the 2 digits) so they took me off my blood pressure med..
June 2 & 3 I have to go for a chemical stress test and wear a heart halter for 30 days and
go have a test they call a tilted table.. In my heart I really don't feel these are necessary but I will do as the ole doctor says.
I will Continue to give my praises to God knowing I am gonna be just fine!!

It feels so good to be back in my creative world once again and have several projects as always going on .Looking at so many wonderful artists..being sooo inspired...writting all my ideas and goals and dreams as I go along.
#3: which has led me to thinking about some new creations and am very excited to.
Already starting a couple a new patterns ,One some thing off the wall and fun.
Number two is a what I like to call is a reminiscent doll, which will be a family series.
Let's not for get my love for Aprons and Pinkeeps ,Have some exciting ideas buzzing around in my head for both and its exciting!
#4:I will be starting back doing my doll classes at our arts center here where I live and I am SO excited about it too!
#5:also I have started my fall line GOSH it is such fun creating with purples ,Blacks,Bright Oranges,Brillant Blues and yummie yellows and snappy greens and all those wonderful Fall colors too!
wellPPPpPPP thats whats coming up for SympleTymes and for me Sherrie
I feel good, I am creating!! Just loving every moment !!I will be coming and visiting all my wonderful online friends and seeing what all you awsome talented artists have been up too
Love you all Sherrie

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bought 3 New Patterns from: BareFoot Primitives

Birds Make do Nodder Pin Cushion Ornies
Versatile bird pattern to make nodders, make do's, pin keeps, or even ornies!
I splurged! As many of you know I have been working full time as a hairdresser in my girl friends shop, What she thought she had was a torn groin muscle, It turned out what she actually had was a broken right hip, So I have taken her place in her beauty shop
since the end of March.My life has been put on hold.
I haven't been able to sew any thing since then, Now I am getting into the balance of working full time, and the doll bug has bit me once again, I know I won't have time for any thing large but sure will have fun creating these pin keeps from
BareFoot Primitives!!
Early Sewing Doll Pin Keep
Adorably primitive and great for holding small scissors 'n pins! She measures about 9" long
Here is another pattern that caught my eye for a bit later
It is NEVER to early to start creating for the holidays!!Starting with Fall , Halloween, Thanksgiving!Halloween
Carved Witches Pumpkin ~ Vintage Postcard

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NEW BOM are ready for down load!

Block # 5 Is ready for down load!!!!

A Christmas Wish - free BOM
Block 4 is here!!!!
Here is the first block for the 9 part free BOM the finished size will be 32" x 32" approx

Download Block 1 love

Download Block 2 merry

Download Block 3 joy

Download Block 4 hope

Created by Shari Lutz

OH GOSH!!! isn't He just Magnificent!! I LOVE him not only is he gorgeous but also because you don't see many boys..
He is created Shari Lutz one of my favorite designers!! ...Hugs Sherrie
Hand Sculpted in paperclay. Cloth Body. Weighted to sit. Signed and dated. Suit in recycled wool. Hand made tiny lamb on wheels.


I just wanted to let you know updated with a theme today. It is May Apples
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