Sunday, April 05, 2009

Heads Of Thingy 2

Well up date on my friend who is a hair dresser who had called me asked me to come and work her shop , My daughter Valerie who works for a radiologist set up for her to have a MRI early yesterday (Saturday)..Carol has a broken hip!!She has been
walking ( I should say crawling around now since the first week in Feb..) They wouldn't even let her drive to the hospital had a family come to the radiologist and drive her straight to the hospital and she had a totally hip replacement this morning (Sunday)
So she won't be back at work for three weeks..whoa...
Of course she is booked solid for the next two weeks..Snow birds getting ready to leave for home and it being Easter week!!.Well the people will let me do their hair or reschedule..
I am trying my best to stay calm ..LOL

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