Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aprons I made for the March Apron Swap

Talk about being late..I think I am the worst swapper.
These were do the end of March and I have just mailed them out.I have two of the most understanding partners in the world.They are sooo understanding.
My friend who thought she would be off work with a torn groin muscle asked me to come work her shop filling in for her she is and so am I are hair dressers.WELL to come to find out Carol
did not have a torn groin muscle but a broken right hip!!!
I will be filling in for her for 3 months instead of a week..Talk about a huge life style change whoa!
As of Saturday I did get my partners aprons finished and in the mail..
The picture above is the first side the apron
and the picture below is the reverse side
For second partner....
This is the first side of the Apron
This is the reverse side.
On Booming Aprons, Our swap was about what does the Month of March mean to us..I tried to bring through my aprons Spring here in Florida..Flowers blooming, Birds passing through on their way to the North.Bright colors ,Bright sunshine


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! What a fun, fun idea... Hugs... MO

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love the aprons!!