Monday, February 02, 2009

Vintag Aging Tutorial

(I bumped this post up for a friend of mine)
I'd like to share how I get a vintage aged look to my fabric. This is not a heavy aging or is it grunged..There is no coffee used in this aging method, There is a light clean smell of cinnamon and vanilla.
Just my own way of achieving a yesteryear look, Cloth that has been packed away for years and years.

Just a nice honey in color aged look . #1: Start In a large pan ,I used a dutch oven, Bring to boil Tea Bags use a good brand..(remember you get what you paid for :) I used Luzianna
#2: 12 Tea bags..fill pan 3/4 full with water...I do buy my Vanilla and Cinnamon at the dollar store and it works great...#3: Add Vanilla 3-4 Table Spoon..1/2 cup of Cinnamon
#4: Add your fabric.. Bring to a boil and then turn off heat. Let simmer about 30minutes.
*(If you want your fabric to be darker aged let steep in aging bath a hour or two)*

5: Using slit spoon remove from aging bath and place on to cookie sheet

#6: Run water in sink HOT and rinse fabric LIGHTLY

#7: Place fabric back on to cookie and then place in a pre-heated 250 oven NEVER LEAVE fabric while in oven..It will burn.. Turn fabric several times while in oven to keep from getting burned marks!! When fabric is still lightly damp remove from oven

#8: This is what it will look like.. See the Cinnamon that has dried on to the fabric.

#9: Now take a terry cloth towel and wrap it around your finger rubbing the Cinnamon into the fabric and also off the fabric as you go. #10: Now steam iron fabric dry #11: Here is the end results, Perfectly vintage aged fabric..

See the regular muslin..this is what it looked like before aging and the darker is after aging..This is the SAME cloth..This is what I use for my doll body's..

Perfectly vintage aged fabric..That smells fresh and clean too. #12: This picture shows you both sides of the printed fabric

This fabric is what I will use to dress my dolls...

*NOTE*: you will be saving your aging liquid after your finished with it in a container in the refrigerator ...Be sure to remove the tea bags first. Just bring to boil again when needed. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, If you have any question just email me or leave a comment...Hugs to all Sherrie

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