Monday, December 15, 2008

Susan McMahon IW-inspired doll

Oh MY GOSH! Ya'll you must go by Susan McMahon Blog
and see her IW-inspired dolls. There just breath taking!!!Be sure to take a peek at all her magnificent dolls !!
ooo I SO badly want to learn how to create cloth dolls like these and the ones
Becky from Cloth N Clay
and Nancy Gerber from AtticBabys
to name just a few of my hero's!!
I just have totally fallen in-Love with the Antique inspired dolls
Right after the holidays.I decided to clean my slate for 2009 and start my hand at making
Antique inspired dolls, I will always forever make my sweet Annies their just my girls to me, Along with my EFA dolls
How about you all?? Are you having a craving to start some thing new and exciting too for 2009 ?
I find it kinda scary and exciting all at the same time, I have so many questions like
did you use oils or acrylics or water colors..How about pattern for the clothes??
how about antiqueing or crackling? oh golly gosh then it's paper clay over cloth and on and on goes the questions..but I guess it is like many new adventures is to learn by trail and error but the main thing is to for me to stop wishing and jump in:)

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