Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Flea Market Offering

hosted by Polly at Counting your Blessings
Whew! I feel like the rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland" I'm Late "I'm Late for a very important date"!!! Here is my Friday Flea Market Offering

The Real BookAbout Making Dolls and Doll ClothesBy: Catherine Roberts Vintage Book 1951

A practical how-to-do-it- book packed full of suggestions. ideas , and information that truly stimulates your desire to create!!Actual -size patterns to be tracedTypes of Dolls:Doll House Dolls... Pipe Cleaner Dolls..Poppets and Babies... Cotton Crepe paper.. Rag Dolls...Paper Dolls... with clothes draped and pleated just like fabric... Modled rag dolls made on wire armatures..Chharacter Dolls...Doll Accessories... Tools and Techniques.... Enchanting costume changes for dolls...Chapter on costume design... Whether you want a tiny , soft baby doll , hugg-able little girl doll , or a exquisitely gowned Empress Josephine , This" REAL "VINTAGE" 1951 "THE REAL BOOK ABOUT MAKING DOLLS" will show you I LOVE Vintage books..You step back in time and I feel you learn from the masters..a fantastic foundation then apply your own turns and touches and birthing your own distinctive way to creating your own dolls...This book is a True nugget of wisdom of the past!

You can find my book at SympleTymes.Etsy.Com

Be sure to visit Friday Flea Market and see every ones offerings for this week!!

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