Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Creative Times Magazine

Brand New Issue is Here!It's our BIRTHDAY! This issue marks Creative Times second year! It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun. Eat a piece of cake for us!This issue is full of inspiring articles, tips and much more. Be sure and check to see if you are one of the winners from our Easter contest we had in the last issue. Visit: http://www.creativetimesmagazine.com/ or click the image below to grab your free copy.
I always look forward to Creative Times magazine to come out.It is one of my very favorites..
I know there are many on line magazines on line
Why do I love Creative Times as one of my very favorites is because:
Its not small nor is it hue ...just the right size for being affordable to actually print out .
It's not pape after page of recipes either.But Creative Times Magazine is full of reat up to date info that you can use to enlighten your business side , your artistic side, so much more.
They also give full size wonderful free patterns and Beautiful printables.
New Craft Tutorials: We have some new craft tutorials for you to check out. Fun stuff located here: http://www.creativetimesmagazine.com/tutorials_list.php
the thing I love too is there is NO wait at all you receive immediately no wait for a person to email the pattern to you. Thats why I love PatternMart and Love their Creative Times Magazine
Nope I'm not workin for them,Just believe in them and have boght from them for years and have soooo enjoyed their Creative Times Magazine from their first issue,And by the way it is *FREE*
Heres a tibit I do when It comes to printing:
I do not mean to sound cheap I usally print out the cover in color,,and then print out the entire maazine in black only.This saves on my color.Because I use my color for printing on cloth and mixed media's
Besure to o by Pattern Mart and download their Creative Times Magazine!

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