Thursday, February 28, 2008

Artisan's Chronicles

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Hey!! We gathering together as a group of Unconventional Artisan's Who want to present their Reminiscent Renditions of Days GoneBy and of Day's of Today A whole new twist Artsy MixedMedia Whimsical Izanna Walker Alabama EFA All Artisan's are Welcome
Here is a couple of groups with in Artisan's Chronicles Community, You can join one or none or all it's all up to you

Artisan's Chronicles Dolls
Artisan's Chronicles Vintage,Whimsy,Folk Art, Prim, Artsy,MixedMedia, Raggedy's, All media,Dolls Monthly Themes, so we all can grow in a area we all want to learn Come Join the fun!


Monthly Themes ,Swaps, Challenges Love for aprons from 1800's to Now

Ornies Baby Booties

Ornies of all kinds to hang on our feather trees,Baby Botties for fun Vintage, Folk Art, Prim, Mixed Media Monthly Themes ,Swaps, Challenges

Pin Keeps

YesterYear 1800's - Today Creating our pin keeps Monthly Themes also will have Swaps and challenges

Vintage Style Toys
antique toys and collectibles from the 1850s-1960s,vintage toys from Victorian period to baby boomer collectibles ,Stuff toys that were create from yesteryear,Just letting our imgainations soar,Cats,Dogs,Elephants,Animals of all kinds,

Artisan's Chronicles is Social Network , is my group
here are more wonderful groups That I'm a proud member of for you to check out also many of the gals you will know

There are hundreds more, But I'm keeping my numbers low..
would never have time to create!
Hope to see you all there, If not at my Artisan's Chronicles then hopfully in another community!
Hugs Sherrie

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