Sunday, December 09, 2007

Threadbare Primitives
I know many of you know this sweet gal, But for those who do not, I would like to introduce to you all a wonderful Primitives by Folk Art Artist Susan Dean Of "Threadbare Primitives "
I joined her newsletter some time ago, ! Threadbare Primitives is one of very favorites and of course I want to know Whats going on , when, what, and where, for each month!
So I joined Threadbare Primitives newsletter
This is what I want to share with you..Susan does the nicest thing for her customers who have joined her newsletter list (Like me tada~) after joining Threadbare Primitives newsletter you then will receive a Weekly Members Specials. In this newsletter will contain a link to a private page by which you may purchase a featured epattern for only $3.50. This is for a epattern only, NOT a paper pattern they are all is a picture of this weeks special E-Pattern I bought for only $3.50

His name is "Chilly The SnowMan "He is 14 1/2 inches tall. Isn't he adorable! OK wait! PsSTTttStt there is more to::Not only do you receive a Weekly Members Specials ,BUT Susan also is offering Thank you for visiting my site! As a special "Thank You"Threadbare Primitives is offering this wonderful ePattern for only $3.50 Hurry and download it while you can... Susan Dean Of "Threadbare Primitives " Does change her patterns often. Once the Pattern changes it is no longer available at the special price. Santa and Ginger 12 inches sitting..


Also tonight I bought "Penguin Pin Keep Doll

E-Pattern Price $8.99 Pattern"8" tall (seated) Penguin Pin Keep is wonderful for ANY holiday is what I'm thinking !! Reason why I love Susan's patterns they are just so whimsy . yet Prim and diffently Folk Art all rolled in to one! I 'm creating him for my daughter for Christmas..He will hold all her quilting pins and looks so cute! I will post a picture of him when he is finished..But isn't he just the sweetest!

You know me, When I love some thing and believe in it with my whole heart... whether its new technique or what some else created, or a Great Auction or Charity Auction what ever it might be.Whether I know the person or not... I can't wait to tell you all about it, Why you ask?.. Because I care, People can bless your socks off.... but if you don't tell some else about them ....well it just isn't the same unless you do!! So Run on over to Threadbare Primitives and take a look your self and join Threadbare Primitives newsletter to, It is so informative. Hugs to all Sherrie


kat449 said...

What a sweetheart you are. You and I have had to be seperated at birth!
I hope you recieved my email I recently wrote. It was in response to your lovely email to me.
I cannot wait to see your completed projects! Have bunches of fun....Hugs, Kat

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

(((Howdy me friend!!!))) aw Thanks for stopping by..Girl we are so much alike its unreal, Hey I went by your blog and left a not there, I have tried to go back and check in but it wont let me Grr!
I need to answer your sweet email but I have been meeting myself coming and going hohohoho!Will get on it right away!!
Hugs to you Sherrie