Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Izzy Belle

My newest baby just in time for Christmas! Isn't she just awesome..
I did not create her I won her on eBay from Doll artist Deana Rossman of PurtyCountryThangs
I never thought I would win her but I did tada~~
Many reason why I wanted this baby..I have never seen up close or touched a clay doll head and wanted to see it what it is all about, This type of doll is on my dream list to hopefully create one day.When I saw Izzy Belle oh my she just reached out and touched my heart,Isn't her gown beautiful..I adore her facial expression also
She came with her own vintage Cradle!
Look at her bonnet!

Here is her Description from the auction:
I love how she turned out. Izzy Belle is made from
my own design and measures approx. 17" tall and her dress is a couple of inches longer. Her
body is from a knitted vintage doll form and I've added her hands made from needle
sculpted, painted muslin (she even has tiny painted nails) Her head is sculpted from clay and
securely attached. Her eyes are inserted black glass beads at the pupils and then the iris
painted around them. Her eyes seem to follow you around the room. I added extra texture
to her hair giving it more shape and waves. Her dress is an antique baby's dress in near
pristine condition. The two little ties in the back are original and it has pretty blue stiched
smocking at the bottoms and sleeve cuffs. I made her pantalettes and sweet bonnet out of
some vintage fabric that has soft white embroidery and pintucks. Izzy's little bear "Night
Night" is a purchased item. He is approx. 4 1/2" tall and has jointed arms and legs. The
inspiration for Izzy Belle was actually this vintage wooden, rocking cradle. I found this at
an estate sale. I've covered the mattress board with a piece of an old cutter quilt. I know
you will fall in love with little Izzy Belle. She will come with a decoratve hang tag with her
name on the front and signed and dated by me on the back.

Thanks for looking at my sweetie Hugs Sherrie

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