Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday On A Roll :)

My goodness I shocked my self.. A Monday Morning at that too, I cut and stuffed and sewed all day!made heads, made a double dart doll doll , Pattern by Judi Ward, Have her stuffed, Created a new doll body with round head.. sewed and stuffed, Made a sun and a star sewed stuffed, Ready for paper mache' faces.. FINALLY going to do it! Me whoa and paper mache' whoaaaaaaa

Re doing Blue eye doll below,Cassandra
I her drew legs and arms patterns for my Cassandra,
Alrighty here is the new patterns for leg's and arms for my Cassandra

Her arms sewed and her legs sewed...I gave her really the type of legs I adore on any doll, curvy, as well with her arms, trust me I am NO pattern artist..But at least I tried creating the kind of arms and legs I personally love on a doll, Fat legs, curvy,nice calf, and tiny ankle and feet, I like the same with arms, I also
write on a pattern "Make arms and legs Fat" :)
Showing the sewn legs and double dart doll, along with the Sun and Star ...
Sun and Star ... will paint tomorrow..then it will be ready for the paper mache'

This is what my template looked like using it for the DD doll

DDoll sewn

DDoll legs

This picture is showing what all I got done today..Double Dart Doll stuffed and ready for her arms and legs, (I didn't get them stuffed tomorrow is another day :))
I was staying focused more on Cassandra cause I want to finish her..Here you can see she has finished sewn and stuffed legs tomorrow I will paint them, Her arms are sewn and stuffed ready to attach. I needle sculptured her fingers..Showing the star and sun ready to paint and then paper mache'..Show new doll body and round heaad! tada~ I did all this today for me this is major "On a Roll" Big time, But like I said Cassandra is my focus and I will finish her by tomorrow Tuesday or Wednesday


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your going to finish Cassandra and looks like your on a roll with the other projects, don't stop now!! I'll look forward to checking back. (:

Heera said...

Cassandra is turning out so well. I love to hold chubby dolls. Reminds me of my own childhood and my favorite doll way back then. Good job Sherrie.


Kat Lees said...

Sherrie your CASSANDRA is gorgeous, I love everything about her, those eyes really talk to you.......she draws you right in. I love the body you designed, its perfect.......great job can't wait to see her done. BRAVO gal, you are more talented than you give yourself credit for love....I am so proud of you. Love you sister always, Kat

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