Monday, March 05, 2007

Stay away from Gorilla Glue

Thought I'd share this post with you all, I have never used Gorilla Glue my self
But on the online group Vintage Cloth Doll Making , One of the gals posted a messgae alerting every one that this Gorilla Glue is dangerous if not used properly
My input is this Why take a chance!!
Below is the message..Hugs Sherrie
There has been a thread on another list on the dangers of Gorilla Glue.
Members of this list have mentioned it here,
so I thought I'd pass along a few quotes from this thread:
Please stay away from Gorilla Glue, They even tell you on the label that this toxic substance will kill you or destroy your kidneys and liver, if mishandled.
Gorilla Glue is indeed very dangerous if swallowed.
With the moisture in the body, it expands up to four times, and gets very hard. Like having a lump of plastic suddenly appear in whatever area of your body it happens to be activated by moisture...
So, if you have children or pets who have access to your work area, I would recommend you don't use it at all.