Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Organizing One LAST Time

Organizing One LAST Time I need all the help I can get..I ent out a multi-post to my friends and doll groups, These precious ladies took time from their busy lives to email me not only in the groups, But also personal emails, This is how sharing and caring the art world is, No matter what the question is, Every one lends their own personal idea's.... Trust me when I say I SO appreciate all the help I have received

My question was: how you store your fabrics ??

I am re-doing well really organizing my computer/3rd bedroom/sewing room which is small..I want to keep this room (of all rooms sheeze) as organized and kept up in clean order as I can..

The last couple months I have packed up and really down sized to the point all the rooms are now easy to keep super duper clean at all times:) our home is being placed on the market for sale

I want to be able to use my sewing room but yet keep it in order And to be able to show our home at any given moment..):don't ya just hate strange people stomping through your home*ugh*:(

Organizing my fabric has been my biggest and on going problem, I keep tearing my room up because I need two Things:

#One:My Books where I can see them and just reach for them, My books are so precious to me, and having a desk with shelves I can just look up and see my books and know what book I have or don't have so I don't buy duplicates

#Two: My Fabric and seeing my fabric..
This has been a huge problem for me, Why is this a problem

I look at my fabric, Using it as a canvas, Dolls and my creations, come alive for me this way..I enjoy being able to see the fabric and going on from there..

So today is the day even though I am getting a late start it is 1pm.. I will finish organizing my sewing room and have it FINISHED today period. Using many of the ideas that was soooo wonderfully sent to me, I will post FINISHED pictures yet today when I am tada~~~ Finished..


Rivkah Rosenfeld said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful workroom you have. I work in a tiny space, nothing special at all...in fact my laptop sits on my ironing board!! I work in spurts because I feel claustrophobic in there-
My sewing machines are in the livingroom, I do part of my work on the balcony sometimes, on my bed- anywhere that feels more spacious haha and- oh don't ask...(!) I imagine what sort of creativity would emerge from me if I had an environment like yours LOL
You are very fortunate!

Rivkah from Israel

Kat Lees said...

My dear sister Sherrie your sewing room is looking great, I can't wait to see it finished. I love the new blog look, great. I wish I had your talent love. Hugs, Kat

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