Saturday, March 31, 2007

My FINISHED Apron TaDa~ ~

My Apron for the "Tie One On
Arighty..I have "FINISHED" my Apron for the "Tie One On
the / Flickr Group

Their Theme:March/April theme-rick-rack!!

I tried some thing new .(stepping out of my safe zone )A new technique for me..I found a picture of Vintage Cherries from the 1940's...Then...Cut out to size as my computer paper , and then using the same apron fabric ironed on to freezer paper and placed it in my printer and printed the design.. Then took Wonder Under and ironed this to my printed fabric..Then cut the Cherry's out..Very delicately, I then ironed them on to my apron.

Using my cherry's as my pallet, I embellished /enhanced the cherries , stem , leaf , branch, using color pencils, and pens, Then spayed the cherry pallet with a sealant for many years of sealed beauty..Taking Polymark dimensional fabric paint I went around every edge of the cherry pallet and this gave a 3-D dimensional edge with a beautiful glitter sparkle
I feel I did Achieved a bit of the 1930 retro look, This is what I was going for, I see where I could even go futher into the 1930 retro look with this apron, But I am saving these new idea's for the next apron, Gosh Golly I don't know which is more exciting
#1: Stepping out of your saftey box
#2: Finishing the project
#3: Achieving what you saw in your heart and having it come through your own fingers and going ~ ~ TaDa ~ ~:)
#4: Learning to stop..saving those whOHOOOo feelings that run down your arms and explode through your fingers creating!
#5:Feeling actually proud of "Self" having achieved, where ya just sit and stare at your creation not really caring what other think about it, infact don't even run around to family and friends and say " Hey What cha Think of this?" but just smiling, kinda giggle and look quietly with your self and say"Yeppers" I did it, I am happy, Now on to the next!!
I have to say this "IS" "THE" Most exciting :))
Hugs Sherrie


melba said...

I have always wanted to make an apron. maybe this summer I will with my Mother-in-law. She is great at sewing.

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I picked you!

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