Saturday, March 17, 2007

WPA Doll

Hello!!Have to share ..I have had not alone time in I don't know when..AND for it to happen on a week end is a Miracle!! My sweet hubby is out with his friends riding their motorcycle and I have been out to a couple yard sales..What a awesome Saturday this is!!! Now I am doing a bit of a stroll looking at what else *Vintage Dolls* On eBay..

A while back their was a bit of a discussion on WPA Doll , going on in my online doll group VCD, I never did see what one looked like..
Here she is Extraordinary !! I think she is just sooo prim, vintage, even a bit on the whimsy side with her expression. Isn't the fabric of her dress beautiful, Just so vintage!!I LOVE her!! just had to share her with you, Yeppers I do have my thinking Cap on and the creative juices are itching *Huge Smile* I would love to create one just like her for my self:)

She is 18" tall made out of cloth. She has a pressed felt face with embroidered features. Her eyes are half shut like a sleek sassy lady with long embroidered eyelashes and eyebrows. her nose and lips are red floss. Her head is stationary and does not move. She has bright orange yard hair with a few loose loops. Her body is a tan cotton sateen cloth. It is firmly stuffed with no sagging. The joints at her shoulders and hips are a covered button type. She has separate stitched fingers and well molded legs and feet. She wears a wonderful rayon type hand stitched floral print jumper type dress with hand rolled and padded hem. It has snaps at the back. There is a net blouse, crisp organdy slip and bloomers with matching lace trims. There is a light green silk ribbon trim on the bloomers that matches the ribbon on the lined metallic fabric hat

The sellers Buy Now price is only $475.00
~~Oh Hum~~ think I will go hold up a bank and just borrow $475.00 :)) :))