Thursday, February 01, 2007

Easter 2007 EFA Doll..Ok truth which I was going to ignor,I started this EFA LAST EASTER 2006 !
Now have added her to my DOLLS IN PROGRESS LIST TO FINISH!
Seeing her in front of my ,along with my several D.I.P.'S really keeps the juices flowing and excitement of finishing her..With NO feelings of rush or stress, I highly recomend this method of finishings your D.I.P. I highly recommend this method of finishing your D.I.P. I took a box and covered it in one of my favorite fabrics, then added doll body parts. which were sewn and stuffed, Just ready to be painted or embroidered or toes, or shoes to be add just what ever..along I added all the half done D.I.P.'S in to the box..along with the patterns, chosen fabic every thing I need to completley FINISH each and individual and personal D.I.P.
There is NO time period..NO ... rush or stress..
You will be surprised how much:
Your creativity flows .... beyond words,
You get finishedYour quality of artistic ...craftsmanship
Your desire to step out of your comfort zone to FINALLY try new techniques
Ya know the ole saying "Try it you will like it" :)

alrighty even though it is only February 1 2007, I have started this EFA for 4th of July 2007I have to started early or she won't be done until next July 4th 2008 :))