Monday, January 15, 2007

What Creativity Is To Our Health

SympleTymes By: Sherrie Nordgren

What Creativity Is To Our Health

By:Sherrie Nordgren

Are you ready to de-stress ,relax, being one with God and nature .. and with all the things you love and enjoy,

Or like me maybe even have for gotten how much you enjoy even the simplest things...,

All that is good in life is truly Blessings from God, Are you ready to have "The Good Times" To have fun , Allowing your selves to cut free from the demands in our own lives simply by just being "Woman"

Woman has many Titles , can be ... Daughter, Wife, Mother, Single Woman, Working Woman out of the home ,working Woman in the home and with the home duties that come with with the wonderful title "Domestic Engineer"

Taking this Seriously ... Impact of playfulness and humor on creative thinking and then allowing it to come through our own minds, hearts , finger tips giving birth to our own actual creativity and or creativeness ,
This is powerful stuff, This is the key to stronger mental and emotional balance and health,This is the key to Joyful Hearts, This is the key de-stressing and relaxing,

This is the key to awaking each day and speedily doing our "Domestic Engineer" have to's.. only to find they to have become more fun to do and get done so much faster, Just by using our new found keys !!

I invite you all Come and take this journey with me. Together we will use our new keys, Unlocking our doors, and entering into Learning who SELF is and how special SELF is to YOU and your family..

This journey we will do hand in hand heart to heart, I promise you once we have come through this journey we won't be the same who started it,

We will have changed for the better, with over flowing creativity, more balance in our lives,... balanced... Minds, Emotions, lives... , Fresh and new idea's flowing ... all for allowing our selves to find out who Creativity, and self is ...and loving self !! Best news is We then will only go on yet to another journey
Please do not copy my articles, To post as your own, I put allot of my heart and my own personal experiences in to them, Also bundles of caring and love in to them , If you would like to print and save to use as your own personal reference please do, If you want to use my articles for postings, on-line magazine and so forth, Please email for permission and give credit to the author..Which is me, SympleTymes By: Sherrie Nordgren

Friday, January 12, 2007

Vintage Brother & Sister Edith Flack Ackley Style 1930s
These are from my own private collection, Due to moving I have decided to start down sizing my doll collection So be sure to look for more EFA type dolls ,Watch for our up coming auctions I will be offering Cloth, Patterns, really awesome doll books and more,
Brother and Sister are being sold as a pair only . This are very old , from the 1930's - They are created from Dolls to make for fun and profit Book by Edith Flack Ackley

I named them BRother and Sister,They just seemed to say that is who they are and this is why I won't sell them separately.. I am by no means a Edith Flack Ackley expert, Just have a true Love for this doll and her doll artist Brother and Sister are just awesome, Let me tell you about them!!

Sister is 16 inches, She has a wonderful hand cotton hand crochet hat Sisters right leather shoe is coming apart , Do to her age, But is still together , She has delicate under panties hand sewn with lace on the edges. she also wears a nice petticoat, Along with a seersucker type dress with matching apron, it seems to be all hand sewn..tiny ric-rac hand sewn and hand hemed , Hand embroidery faced,She seems to be stuffed with cotton,Which is exactly what Edith said to use, also goes with the time period of 1930's - Delicate socks along with her leather shoes.. Sisters right leather shoe is coming apart , Do to her age, But is still together , I show a close up of her shows in pictures. Her hair is yarn Finished like Edith says to do in her "Dolls to make for fun and profit Book by Edith Flack Ackley " Last but not least Sisters hair has a hand sewn velvet bow...Can you tell I love this little gal!!
About Brother Brother is 16 inches..Hand embroidery faced. He also has underwear hand sewn blind stitch on the edges. He also wears a nice Shirt , with teeny tiny buttons, and ruffle down the front , Nice bow tie , Along with his short pants all hand sewn, Sweet socks and wool shoes,His hair is yarn ,he seems to be stuffed with cotton,Which is exactly what Edith said to use, also goes with the time period of 1930's -

They both are created exactly as EFA instructions say in her book :Dolls to make for fun and profit Book by Edith Flack Ackley ,I have many more pictures Just email me , if you would like to see more pictures of Brother and Sister,
Have super great day
Hugs to all

Thursday, January 11, 2007

rasins and grapes will kill a dog.

Found out that rasins and grapes will kill a dog.Somebody at work had this happen and I found infoonline.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here is what I am working on..I bought 120-4 inch quilt squares,all different prints,from I wanted to get a feel of placeing the blocks, Then pieceing the blocks together I am using the pattern "Plain Ole Nine Patch"


You all that know me , Know for the past several years I have created cloth dolls, a real passion of mine, Vintage, Folk Art, Prim,Whimsy,Artsy,Cloth Dolls created from Vintage patterns To keep alive/continue our heritage and history through thread and cloth, that the Mothers and Sisters of so many years ago that have been given to us.But feel I need a break and for many years wanted to learn the art of quilting, But was afraid to take the plunge, Quilting is also a awesome art .. Also very much our heritage and history through thread and cloth, Quilting a Doll making are sister of the same thread, Joined together...I am brand new to quilting, BUT I sure have fallen head and tails in love with it too So far I have made Quilt two Blocks, I was so happy to have found Block Central What convinced me to join their forum was the Discussion "Beginning Quilters" !!!

Just thought I'd let you all know about them, Drop and take a look at all they offer and for free!

((((Hugs Sherrie))))

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well since eBay just upped their fee's once again, Like many others, I thought I'd open up a
Etsy Shop..Please take a peek, I have a auction going on there, They are EFA dolls vintage from 1930
Please tell others about Etsy!!

I have to Brag

My sweet daughter just created her very first quilt all by her self!!

For Christmas we got her a sewing machine, She has never ever sewn on a sewing machine, She has always hated sewing, She can crochet absolutely gorgeous any thing,But when it came to needle and thread even as a kid, she hated it..Then at Christmas she saw my first quilt block and said how badly she wanted to learn to quilt,Then at Christmas she saw my first quilt block and said how badly she wanted to learn to quiltSo her Dad and I set out to do some Christmas shopping..What fun we had, First bought the sewing machine
Second we bought all the Quilting basics, And some Fat quarters, Thread, couple books, couple kitsDay after Christmas We went over I showed her how to set up her sewing machine,ect...I cut out a bunch of RED , WHITE , BLUE, 4 1/2 in squares..showed her how to do a nine patch block

here is a picture of all the sewn red, white and blue block she sewed them all together:)

I then left and she was on her own totally,because at this point I too had only made one 9 patch block,here is mine:

and now at this point!!!! between the two of us it was the blind leading the blind!!
THEN: Again all by her self she decided to make one of her quilt kits

Front view...yes there are mistake she will quickly point out,

But for a lot of firsts,I think she did a awesome job!! Showing the back of Valerie's quilt

PS: here is my second quilt block.I guess I'd beter get busy, learn more, the kid is geting ahead of me already:)....Sherrie