Monday, January 15, 2007

What Creativity Is To Our Health

SympleTymes By: Sherrie Nordgren

What Creativity Is To Our Health

By:Sherrie Nordgren

Are you ready to de-stress ,relax, being one with God and nature .. and with all the things you love and enjoy,

Or like me maybe even have for gotten how much you enjoy even the simplest things...,

All that is good in life is truly Blessings from God, Are you ready to have "The Good Times" To have fun , Allowing your selves to cut free from the demands in our own lives simply by just being "Woman"

Woman has many Titles , can be ... Daughter, Wife, Mother, Single Woman, Working Woman out of the home ,working Woman in the home and with the home duties that come with with the wonderful title "Domestic Engineer"

Taking this Seriously ... Impact of playfulness and humor on creative thinking and then allowing it to come through our own minds, hearts , finger tips giving birth to our own actual creativity and or creativeness ,
This is powerful stuff, This is the key to stronger mental and emotional balance and health,This is the key to Joyful Hearts, This is the key de-stressing and relaxing,

This is the key to awaking each day and speedily doing our "Domestic Engineer" have to's.. only to find they to have become more fun to do and get done so much faster, Just by using our new found keys !!

I invite you all Come and take this journey with me. Together we will use our new keys, Unlocking our doors, and entering into Learning who SELF is and how special SELF is to YOU and your family..

This journey we will do hand in hand heart to heart, I promise you once we have come through this journey we won't be the same who started it,

We will have changed for the better, with over flowing creativity, more balance in our lives,... balanced... Minds, Emotions, lives... , Fresh and new idea's flowing ... all for allowing our selves to find out who Creativity, and self is ...and loving self !! Best news is We then will only go on yet to another journey
Please do not copy my articles, To post as your own, I put allot of my heart and my own personal experiences in to them, Also bundles of caring and love in to them , If you would like to print and save to use as your own personal reference please do, If you want to use my articles for postings, on-line magazine and so forth, Please email for permission and give credit to the author..Which is me, SympleTymes By: Sherrie Nordgren

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