Sunday, November 26, 2006


This is what I am working on right now, it is a Christmas gift..The pattern is by:By MeMe's Cottage Collection
Approx. 5 3/8" x 6 1/8
Punch stitchery, sometimes called Russian Punch Embroidery is an oldtimer! It got the Russian Punch name when someone learned about the Russians using this needlework for their clothing decorations, and believed that's where it started.
But Punch Embroidery of any kind, no matter what name it is called by, began long before the Russians began using this needlecraft.
History researched at the University of Michigan Library takes us back to the 15th century when "punch stitch" as it was called in the beginning, was used mainly for decorating religious vestments, and by men who used it for punching rugs while on long sea voyages from port to port.
It began as a yarn craft, and remains a yarn craft for most punchers,though some 'yarns' look more like embroidery floss in a finished design.A wall hanging punched in 1675 with crewel yarn exists today in a private collection!!
Fine gauge acrylic, lusters and polyester yarns are used extensively for Punch Needle Stitcheryand look very delicate when finished, and is easier to use without constant re-threading.

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