Monday, November 27, 2006

Foster-A-Soldier if you'd like to send a package

Please pray for our troops and their loved ones

Mike Gallagher asked us to make it super easy for you to send a package and make a soldier smile. So all you have to do is click here to go to Mike's Page.Our Gift Shops are filled with treats that are sure to put a smile on a soldier's face. You'll find a wide range of ready to send packages in Gifts To Go, or you can choose from hundreds of individual items in the shops on Market Street and put your own package together.Visit Foster-A-Soldier if you'd like to send a package, or just go shopping if you already know your soldier's address or TFT ID.Thanks for visiting Treats for Troops, and supporting America's men and women in uniform.

Thank you very much for the gift, it meant a lot to receive something like that

Lets ALL send a little some thing to OUR Men and Women

Thank you for your support and thoughtfulness; it added a bright spot for me and my soldiers during a holiday season away from home. The support from Americans like yourself truly means alot to a deployed American soldier in a foreign country. It really means a great deal to receive a friendly message and some treats to share. Thank you. ”
LanceU.S. Army

"It just blew me away that a complete stranger to be so kind to send the things as you did.

Our Troops are far away.... Far Away from their Home land, Far Away from their Friends, Families, Jobs, Their Far Away ! BUT NOT Far Away from OUR hearts and prayers.

Their defending OUR FREEDOM, OUR USA, Look at the pictures their all so young

PLEASE pray for them all every day, PLEASE give of your self, give of your own family

Send a gift for Christmas, Send a gift for no reason at all, Just to let them know we support them, We are thinking of them

God Bless You

Thank You Sherrie

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